Installing & Configuring SimpleMining OS for Ethereum, Monero, and Zcash mining

This is a rather lengthy video which includes an introduction to the SimpleMining OS. This is a specially designed version of Ubuntu for cryptocoin mining.

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  • Gowsiganaudio

    how can i overclock the gpus on linux?

  • Jacob Beaudry

    Thanks for the video! How do you enter in your info in the custom config so that your rigs all show up on your pool? Not all of the rigs are showing up, however the effective has is correct. The reported hash is not correct, but the effective hash is, and it doesn't itemize all of the rigs. I am mining etc. Thanks!

  • laurenparkerva

    Trying to add second rig. I’m getting message “there is no screen attached to matching miner”. What does this mean and what is a fix? Using simple mining and windows.

  • Roei Bar Aviv

    Hey man great video. I used simplemining OS for 6 cards of Asus RX580 with Z170, and everything worked for few minutes, but then a single GPU hangs and system crashes. This always happens to me and I see to pass the 10 minutes of mining. Any ideas?

  • General News Tin Tức Tổng Hợp

    P106-100 is supported

  • Jonathan C

    I have a Z170 mobo. The standard RX version images properly to my USB3 thumb drive, but boots to a graphically corrupt screen of vertical lines of garbage after a minute or so. The alternate image for Z170 doesn't properly image and terminates halfway through the process repeatedly. Anyone else have this happen and resolve it?

  • Andrew Dennis

    Hi man great video. I am pretty new to mining so some of the set up stuff is a little confusing but this helped a lot. Do you recommend seeing up a local wallet? I know people say you shouldn't but I do know people that actually do mine to the wallet. So i am unsure how to set up a local wallet.

  • La Gom

    what do you mean you don't need a hard drive? don't you need a hard drive for the drivers?

  • Ivy Poison

    DOES NOT WORK !!! - for some reason I can NOT open USB - "unrecognized file system" error and it offers me only "format" option !!!And I have tried both files, 1 is 1 GB and the other is 3 GB ... on a 16 GB USB and I got squat ...

  • Edinaldo Gomes

    It is very simple, just copy for HD, SSD or Pendrive, you complicated a lot, anyway, thanks a lot!

  • madmanpotato

    14:30 for the ethereum link format

  • El rey del Mambo

    hello mate, i have an issue, everything ok till the moment i edit the notepad after flashing the usb, i set my email, same email that im using with simplemining, but in simplemining dashboard my rig its not appearing, what can i do? thanks!

  • Allen Ennis

    This is becoming a headache. but after you set up simple mining...where do you go from there? do you have to sign up with dwarfpool, where do i get wallets from, etc. you need a video showing all the way to when you get your profits.

  • John kriepto

    Why not rebooting via teamvieuwer?

  • Elijah Kulpinski

    I don't see my rig on the list, I've triple checked and my email address is correct. I tried booting from usb (I changed settings in BIOS boot order) and still came to Windows OS. Is it not booting my problem?

  • Marcell Brits

    Could you help me with setting the page file to 16gb? I keep getting the error cannot write DAG on GPU0 and GPU1

  • Warren Tucker

    This is brilliant just what I need spent the last couple of days setting up my first rig installing everything compiling and this is all done ready to go just brilliant I have another rig waiting so will use this for that one now.

  • 99wins

    Does simple mining download drivers automatically with no other OS?

  • TheStockDok

    This guy needs to learn to get to the point

  • Gemini channel for simplemining os

  • Jay Moore

    im looking to min eth and nbq can i duel mine with this software?

  • autocaptcha 257

    Is this convert to btc while mining eth

  • CrashEEEE

    Thank you so much. You explain it in an easy way. But I still don't understand one thing.I use MultiBit HD as a wallet, but if I pick like optiminer-zec v 1.7 as a miner how do I get the right adress at the global options?

  • Alex Holland

    I found it hard to like or dislike this video. I found it too long and often rambling and in some areas was either out of date or did not fully describe how to enter certain bits of data. Overall could be reduced to half it's length and maybe step through how to correctly enter data for the program. I was trying to figure out how to correctly enter my etherium wallet but did not get an answer to whether I should be putting it in: 0x$name eth wallet, $name eth wallet or just the Eth sequence of numbers. It did have some good points though.

  • Kejvu

    How can you mod bios for mining ETH on simplemining OS?? Stock it its 23-24mh/s but i see others get aroud 30 for RX 570?

  • David Griffith

    Can I run 470s and 480s mixed?

  • Donatas Žukauskas

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  • Nether Labs

    Great video, thank you for sharing!I have an issue when I try to flash .imgc to USB via HDD Raw Copy Tool, it only makes it certain % of the way and then Stops. I have tried it on 3 different computers, with different downloaded .imgc files and have also tried the alternate RX OS files and had no luck. I am running as Administrator. Do you have any idea what this might be?Thanks again!

  • Elim אֵילִם

    who to config SimpleMining for eobot? thanks

  • Antti Mouru

    Looking options and find this mining software promise same profit like NiceHash. Try easy use and setup like nicehash.

  • Eric Camilleri

    You didnt actually show it mining? Is there a video for this how to boot USB and show everything running?

  • necmettin coskun

    hi..i can not see my account..Do i have to download it on the same pc that i mine or on any computer is ok!

  • Gary Alcorn

    Hi can someone please help me I have 6 x rx 580 Red Devil 8gm Mining on this software I have asrock h1110 mining motherboard psu for that is 850watt and have 2 server hp 1200 psu for graphics cards and risers 3 cards and 3 risers to each when am mining shows all the mining stats runs for 10 min then says gpu 3 0.00 then it stops mining I have tried swapping psu and risers am pulling my hair out the cards are standard no overclocking just plug and play setup. When I unplug the gpu 3 and run it will show another fault with another gpu 0.00 hash rate can someone please help me

  • don mega

    idiot = 10 minutes for write to usb)))

  • Srđan Graovac

    can you install and run it from USB drive, without a need for SSD?

  • Ducklowguy Films

    I'll have to try this. I downloaded pimp miner and cant figure out how to run it/ type the key in. I want a refund!

  • Luiz Otavio K de S e Silva

    Morning, after a reboot I´m getting "There is no screen to be attached matching miner", what can I do ?

  • Andrew Hajjiri

    Which program do I select for Monero? Thanks

  • J - LUIS

    dude what if i want to mine another pool like ?

  • Jax Loud

    Can you use simple mining OS for RX 580s 8gb?

  • Dusternx

    how do you mine xmr on nvidia

  • chamilaya

    I´m getting "There is no screen to be attached matching miner", Any idea what's wrong?

  • George W

    would this not result to double charges? I know claymore miner charge while using simpleminer will also charge $2 per month. is this not a double charges.. Pls advise

  • Gabriel Giampietri

    hello do you know what would be the commands to mine zclassic in simplemining

  • Guru _

    What happens if you put your wallet address but don't include a rig name?

  • Mr. V

    Can I install this OS from my SSD in its entirety? Meaning I'm building my own machine and wouldn't need to install Linux Ubuntu beforehand?

  • necmettin coskun

    i can see my email address on the pc but i can not see it on the simple :-(

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