Noob's Guide To Bitcoin Mining - Super Easy & Simple

Some Helpful Links:

• Buy Parts for a Mining Rig:
• Download NiceHash Miner:
• Choose a Wallet:
• Coinbase:
• Luno (in SA):
• Kraken:
• Download Claymore Dual Eth Miner:
• Download EWBF CUDA Zcash Miner:
• Profitability Calculators:
• Bitcoin News:
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  • chris christiano

    Do you think this is still profitable today

  • Paerys

    So, I just subscribed to your channel 10 days ago, or something like that, when o watched your video about GPU prices. I thought that you seem like a guy that understands all the struggle us gamers are going through trying to upgrade our GPU. And just today I saw this video... and sorry... I can understand a video that explains how mining rigs work I don't understand a video that encourages people to buy video cards cheap in order to sell for a profit later on. I don't judge, I m just saying that maybe after all this channel isn't for me. Just a guy struggling to upgrade his gtx960 for the last 12 months...

  • Pikachu’s Animation

    Ass holes like you are the reason RAM is so fucking expensive nowadays

  • masoud nilforoush

    What GPUs do you recommend for start?


    Please stop mining!!!!!! And stop buying gpu's. A 1080 should not cost 800 dollars!

  • SM96

    You fucking asshat, teaching people to mine. Fucking asshole. I like your channel but lately it's become lots of suggestive clickbaits and pro mining shit.

  • Joe Rod

    I have geforce gtx 1070 i got dirt cheap and just installed intonmy gaming computet... would that be good to start mining with

  • Hillary Marek

    So is buying a mining contact worth it? Like if I want to purchase 12hrs off a seller on eBay, what should I be looking for to increase the profit probability? What makes one sellers mine better than another?

  • thegolden294

    hi, im thinking in buying and investing on a poweful pc for mining, but i have a question, how long do you think this whole mining thing will last and if its still worth it as today may 16, 2008? i just dont wanna lose my invrsting money jeje, thanks in advance!

  • Dan Scholz

    I set this up at all my local libraries ! I pay no electricity fee yay!

  • Philip Wilson

    Bitcoin mining ain't that easy as people take it to be. If it was, then eventually everyone would be doing it. Well, thanks to cooperate hackers who made it a reality though it wasn't that easy but they still did it. I had 0.3 btc in my wallet and I was able to get 0.9 btc from their work thanks to them. Here's their WhatsApp line if you're interested in their services +19293148512 or Email Cooperatehackers@gmail . com

  • M_DS380 Blank

    Packers all the way.

  • Josh Turner

    New to this crypto stuff but im a electricianAt night time the price of electricity goes down by 200% because of less demand of supply

  • tavi john

    like instead watching ads on facebook and youtube you pay with a 10% CPU power for mining, thus no google analitica.....

  • DankZkittles

    all my 3 virus protections went mad at nicehash for malware genwpp

  • Vybz Kartel

    im looking to team up with 100 people who would like to earn approximately $4,080 USD every week before july… which is currently roughly 0.2682 Bitcoin with just an investment of $300. Message me if u want to be one of them Thank you. Please contact me if interested +264815970219

  • WipeDs

    i gotta ask so this all is freeeee???

  • One Thicc Samurai

    And im here worried if running my fans at 52% 12h a day will kill them.

  • kena bartholomew

    Awesome STUFF. Let's connect.

  • leo kalsi

    So can i mine bitcoins with Windows xp?

  • liru san

    i do not thrust any google shoten url cuz it could be a ip logger

  • ShadowMelon Gaming

    If I mine with nothing but a gtx 150ti would it cost a ton on the electricity bill or should it be more

  • Ray F

    Great overview. For the software solution I would go with something like Bergip Miner if you are using Windows/NVidia combo. The easiest setup + it has graphical user interface.


    Pls, guide to GeekCash mining

  • Paw paw

    Paw paw has to watch this a few more times at half speed in hopes of understanding what was said in this video.

  • Poppa Ganja

    tell u what, if this works and i make even 1$ i will indeed like all of ur videos and subscribe lol

  • renzip Awpz

    Could you do a Vid on how to make the most profit from a gtx 1080 looking to pay off medical bills from when I went threw chemo and want to have my computer at home makin money while I’m at work

  • gevonte burton

    Could I use my phone

  • MelodyZE

    i keep seeing that NiceHash miney has malware or some hijack stuff? idk i keep seeing that on other minng videos xD, i trust you more than all these other random commentors on random mining videos, i just want to be enlightened and get started you know? thanks in advance (: i wanted to try and mine Hemp coin and so does my sister

  • calvin didriod

    Do not listen to the mainstream media and all the negativities they broadcast about the volatile nature of bitcoin. If you invest smartly in bitcoins you will definitely achieve financial independence. Do you have bitcoin?do you know you can mine 0.5btc in five days or 1.8btc in three weeks if you want to do so then Mr Ballard Andrew's mining system would work best for you,link through person's will say the price of bitcoin is low and not profitable..The truth is that very soon the price of bitcoin will sky rocket,it's working for me ..

  • bishop wizzy

    Hello! i love this video! can you help me do similar video like this??let me now NOW

  • Juan Carlos Sivelli

    is there wallet that can transfer to paypal?

  • Itz Chris Gaming

    Could i do this with a normal laptop? Not for huge profits or anything.

  • mrVacCat

    NiceHash Is A Miner? Is It Safe.

  • Neutral51

    Hmm i pay nothing for electricity it is in the lease solid. Hmm...


    good video it work i am rich

  • White American

    If it takes that much explaining keep it. Cash is King.

  • Darth Furry

    Idea: Buy a MF solar panel field to power these nibbas. No costs!

  • Cliff Weaver

    great video! i have a few questions..... 1. what "REFURBISHED PACKAGE" OR PC/MAC that, i can go to either tigers direct,microcenter,dell,apple on line and get started with? so i can grasp what is going on. a penny a day or a quarter...... the profit to electricity does not play a roll here. the profit to knowlege is the key. i herd you mention that you are upgrading all the time. do you have a "STARTER-KIT" YOU CAN/WANT to get rid of? email me, inbox me......thank you.

  • Shota Machxaneli

    I first heard about Bitcoin in 2009, straight after it started - Here's the most stressful part:When news broke about it, it was all doom and gloom, this is where the worst of humanity comes out screaming they know everything when... they absolutely don't!!News broke and anything I read about Bitcoin had a story along with it, like Bitcoin is under investigation from FBI, among other rumours, so there was this huge fear campaign that was going along with the news about it. I would have invested into Bitcoin if I had of not heard all the bullshit, if it was just facts and no horror stories, yep, I probably would have bought $100 or even a Thousand Dollars worth. TODAY that's $100 would have been worth $75 Million, so this is a reason I must stress, don't listen to too many opinions, but if you are listening, watch the investment item for a while and then make up your own mind. Most people will claim they know something when they don't, even like you warning in this video about the cost of Electricity.. Same Rumour back then was used to stop people from getting into Bitcoin and while Bitcoins back in 2009 / 2010 would not have been worth it, this is where you must choose a long term investment plan and just like buying the stocks, you must think the investment potential WITH the cost of electricity is worth it. I will never forget this harsh life lesson in my future investments. Bitcoin has again reinforced the fact that you shouldn't listen to other people when your gut is telling you something else.

  • Vineet Singh

    This guy look like CLAY

  • John M Christopher

    I'm a bitcoin Miner, i can show you how you can start up and earn up too 10000 per day. many are getting it

  • tavi john

    Can be made a sistem by which everyone pay a website with bitcoin mining utilizing 10% of CPU power per user instead of watching ads?

  • Shaifullah Al Ahad

    I have a HP Zbook 17 G2 which is core i7, and Quadro K3100M GPU, is it able to bitcoin mining?

  • Gay Boi

    For a second there I thought I was looking at a chimpanzee

  • Shaifullah Al Ahad

    Is Quadro K3100M able to bitcoin mining?

  • Carlos Bravo

    excellent how to start in the world criptomonedas through mining I think it is a good way to obtain but as everything there is the risk of losing but good video

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