[ASRock Classroom] How to check, update, and clear BIOS?

We are going to teach you how to check your ASRock motherboard BIOS version, update it, and clear CMOS. For this demonstration we will be using an AM4 motherboard. If you have another ASRock motherboard then there can be some differences in the available update methods and the procedure might be slightly different.
  • Mayur6

    Is clearing CMOS really necessary?

  • Ferdz Sze

    where can i find the 4g decoding menu in the asrock bios? or do i need to update my software first to see that? i just bought my asrock z270 supercarrier, and i cant find the 4g decoding menu in the boot section.

  • Marineman

    Hello I'm I'm having some serious issues. I was turing on my hyper v driver because my computer was running slow, and was running faster with it on. During the Windows update for the driver the pc just shut off. Apon starting it I ran into a booting error. (0xc000000f) I've tried booting from usb but that did not work and would not even go to the repair tools in the usb. It would not boot. I tried booting from hard drive and realized this was my worst mistake. Now my computer screen won't turn on for eaither displays (I have 2) i run an asrock motherbored in Windows 10 insider preview. ive tried taking out my cmos batter and switch what I think is the jumper. I've done this several times and leaving the computer unplugged with the ram, hard drive , and cmos battery out for at lease 2 hours max. Is there anything anyone can do to help me?

  • Claw Boss

    For me in dos says syntax error.

  • Claw Boss

    i want updated asrock sli killer 370 i put in USB FAT32 bios version 3.50 and boot to the bios and click on instant flash and say no image file

  • Milan Zeeman

    if I have to hard drives on my pc do I need to do all 2 in a USB flash drive

  • Carlos Eduardo Ribeiro Wandermurem

    Wow! This video help me. Thanks ASRock. And I as a non native english speaker got it everything which this guy told.

  • lifebarier

    Going to get new motherboard. I would like to upgrade it to newest version. Should I install all bios updates in row or just newest?

  • BlazingApple

    I have an ASRock AB350M Pro4 I did updated my bios yesterday and it's finished so I hit enter (suppose to restart the system) but then after minutes it just turns on and off but the Lights are working and fans spinning. My bios before the update is 3.40 The update im trying to update to: 4.50

  • billy whites

    Hey asrock i have a ibuypower pc with no disc port and it ask me to download asrock what do i do

  • Acroll youtube

    No image file detected. what?

  • Modris Klingenbergs

    I am interested! in ASRock motherboards. one of two is taichi x370. ;)

  • Lyka's World PH

    I can't exit asrock bios?can you fix it?

  • resinate

    if the file wasnt detected make sure ur MB is either KILLER SLI or KILLER SLI/AC they are both different

  • Toasty Poptartz

    question. i have that motherboard. is it required to clear cmos after a bios update? and if i use the button to do this, do i still need to have the power unplugged and hold the power button?

  • GasDesigns

    Very interesting video, I love asrock motherboard.

  • Stan Smallenburg

    I have microstuttersbeith my New ryzen rig, please help. Bios update didnt work. Any tips? Specs:Ryzen 5 1600GTX 1060 6GB OCAsrock ab350m2666mhz ddr4 1x8GBIntel 600p SSDWD 1TBCooler master silencio 54 chassis

  • Cups

    How do I enable Virtualization in the uefi (the one you were using)? Ive searched for so long, but can not find where to enable it. My computer does have it, according to a program.

  • DarkTsiro

    any black asrock motherboards for ryzen ? plz i love your motherboards but i hate white color

  • Daniel Chavez

    i have ASRock Z75 Pro3is this good for gaming? im using integrated graphics so what graphics card is compatible and good to upgrade to?

  • Sat Ret

    Help! I want to update my Asrock AB350pro4 to to newest 4.70 from 4.60 but it didnt found any image file on my flash drive.. I've done this before and im not stupid.. But wtf? It didnt found the image file of the 4.70? I mean, i did everything else just find... Why the fuck it didnt found the image file?

  • Claw Boss

    if i want from windows i press ok my systeam not overclocking i put od def and put this files on usb and start this win installation and comes to 99% and closes down noting happend

  • vivek reddy

    im getting BSOD and says its a memory management issue. I tried windows memory management test and it checked out O.K. Will clearing the coms help?

  • Ivan jovanovic

    Why is so important to clean the cmas? Can some one explain to me ?

  • Butch ._.

    Your motherboards are complete shit, I’ve had nothing except glitches and no boots

  • Steve Economou

    Thanks for this guys! Just had to clear my cmos on my AB350 Pro4 and everything seems to be back to functioning normally

  • Constantin Groß

    If i want to upgrade my Mobo (X370 Killer Sli) to the latest version, there comes a message that i have to run version 3.00 or higher to go on version 3.2 What should i do?

  • tre vaxes

    asrock forever the best uefi in the market

  • zkl01

    so thats why my bios wont reset. thanks

  • Mpampis xiotel

    In my asrock z97 aniversarry when i need to clear cmos i must do:1)position clear cmos jumper to clear cmos position.2) remove battery3) insert battery back in4)position the jamper from clear cmos to normal poition.If you follow the video in haswell asrock motherboard and do 4 step first and then third it will not work. The motherboard will be like dead when u start the power button. ( dont even fun will start)

  • zuriel keta

    Mamo Hi, im planning to build one too, will just use it for normal use and entry level rendering.. planning to get ryzen 5 1600 + asrock ab350 pro4. but my worry is the memory, i want an 8gb ram but most brand and their models in the stores are not found in asrock's qvl site. Should i change mother board? OR yolo with the memory even if not found on qvl?

  • CaptainDieg

    I dont have instant flash in my X370 Killer SLI /ac board. Help?

  • nezt94

    how to erase user profile on bios? i use asrock ab350 gaming k4

  • fotoarthobby

    can you please let me know does the two molex on the board needs to connect each other then to psu and which section of the psu? perif or sata?also if i use two psu does it need to be connected to primary psu?my psu is evga 750 g3thanks


    how to update bios for asrock x370 killer sli ? and how to backup stock bios ?

  • Hasan Özdemir

    What about using the Internet Bios Flash Method?

  • Synthematix

    ASRock if you dont reply to people why dont you disable comments?

  • Adrian Szymański

    I have Security flash fauite... I have H110M DVS R3.0 and I tried flash P7.10 and I have P1.10

  • Matt's Tips & Tricks

    i am building a custom pc. will i need to update bios once build is completed? im using ASRock - Z270 Killer SLI/ac ATX LGA1151 Motherboard? how do change led light of motherboard?

  • Jan Geeroms

    Hello I've done the steps as explained but now my computer won't boot in windows my mouse and keyboard are not recognized and my debug indicator is showing several codes?

  • Jim Long

    Dose? Does this guy have a background in computing, or just marketing?

  • 24321619

    I don't think he said that it is a good idea to reset the M.B. to Default settings before updating the bios. This is to clear any O.C. settings etc. Nothing to be lost, as it will of course revert to default settings on a bios update.

  • Synthematix

    Will you ever make a bios logo update tool for the x370 taichi?

  • Chenjatha Krishnan

    Make video intel chip how to update

  • nichster080

    what "downloaded file" is unzipped? you never downloaded anything. please remember to follow all the correct steps during tutorials. 34 seconds in and i'm on google trying to research the steps you left out. link to processor requirements are where? there is no link and i can't find it on ASrock page. sigh. Press F2 on what page? Where did you find bios file you skipped over that part... i could keep watching but this really is useless. Am i supposed to be researching "how to flash a bios drive"?

  • Lloyd Christmas

    I unintentionally disabled my keyboard and mouse, so I had to reset my BIOS settings. However, my ASRock motherboard didn't come with a jumper for whatever reason. I went to the store and they didn't have a spare jumper for me, LOL. So feeling desperate, I just pulled out the CMOS battery, unplugged the power, held the power button down for 20 seconds, and waited 20 minutes -- all without doing the jumper part. Guess what: it still worked!

  • Timothy Moyer

    My asrock h1105-ds hyper does not have jumper pins. Just 2 solder points. How do I reset cmos if it doesn't have jumper pins. And removing the battery method doesn't work

  • J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟

    5 minutes later and it's still on 0%.... that normal?

  • Ritche Panaguiton

    is there an "Enable 4g decoding" option ? what version? I'm using the updated one which is 2.40. And i can't find it. someone told me i need to enable it to run multiple GPUs in mining

  • linkbato

    Grazie sei stato molto chiaro e istruttivo complimenti per i piccoli accorgimenti da adottare :D (Thank you very much, you have been very compelling and instructive for the little things to do.)

  • asb

    How come insta flash can’t find a image file?

  • Maximary

    @Info ASRockmy mobo is ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4my PC won't boot from first time i Build itbut the Fan can spin or activestock cooler fan, psu fan, graphic card fan, and the Case fanKeyboard and Mouse can not turn on or light upMonitor "No Signal"in my case is there any broken part?or just my Moteherboard that can not read the memory because my moteherboard BIOS has not been updated

  • Phillip Johnson

    Ah, this was actually really helpful...it good when information presented is thorough and straight forward.

  • Faiz Syauqi

    my mobo is ab350m-hdv , I already follow all step but it says "no image file detected" How did this happen?

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