ASRock 350 BIOS update to Version 3.0 w/Ryzen CPU. The results may confuse you.

I've been using the ASRock AB350M Pro 4 motherboard with the BIOS version 2.4 for the last 2,5 months. It's finally time to move forward. Meet the version 3.0.
Never lose sight of why we overclock our systems; more performance. So many variables behind the scenes make it foggy to see where we're going. Faster memory / CPU doesn't always yield better performance. Overclocking is a balancing act between system stability, power consumption, heat, CPU, and RAM speeds. Don't get too hung up on the numbers... Jeez, Youtube still processing... I'm getting bored!

Music by TeaLeaf
Intro Track: Windows 10 Beat
Outro Track: Ceasefire

ASRock AB350M Pro 4
AMD Ryzen 1600
Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200
MSI Armor GTX 1070
  • ared18t

    There is way more info in this video on how you test your own overclock than I've seen in any other video

  • Jaime White

    Great video! Quick question, you didn't say whether you ran the OCCT test on bios version 3.0 after the game benchmarks? If you did run the OCCT after the games is it very stable?

  • Pungkoy

    what cooler are you using on this great temp

  • kesh4six

    This video actually convinced me that this board is pretty decent and so I went ahead and used this in my build paired with a Ryzen 5 1600 and Corsair Vengeance LED 3200 MHz. At 1.25v ive got a modest oc of 3.7 on the 1600, didnt wanna increase voltage because i live in SE Asia and ambient temps are a bit higher. As for the ram i got it running at 3066 through XMP but couldn't get it to run at 3200. For its price, this board is an absolute delight. Also included a gtx 1070 in case anyone was wondering.

  • Grayly Wheely

    I have an issue with my R3 1200, my mother has the 3.30. My PC when it boots on windows after 20 minutes it freezes then restarts. And that happens every time. BTW i haven't overclocked yet or anything tho. Can u help me with this issue?

  • Adonis Headley

    Nice video! I wonder if you have try BIOS V3.20? I am having proble with 3.0 which was the default one when I bought it.I am using the version 3.00 and when I try to use the full potential of my RAM (EVGA DDR4 3200mhz CL 16-18-18-38) the PC will try to run about 4 time before being able to run successfully. If I used the default settings (2134mhz) it runs at once.Notes:1) I use the config (3200mhz) for about 2 Weeks and it was running Ok (playing video games, browsing internet, developing apps etc) until now.2) I don’t overclock the CPU (R7 1700). It is at stock frequency 3.0 -3.2Ghz3) New Build

  • SpaceDog

    Thank you from Mexico <3

  • zerg232

    new biso update out 3.30V

  • kdub77

    Hey bro, what ram are you using? Thanks for the I just bought this board.

  • Kashumee

    Hey, I'm having cores fail on prime 95 just even using stock settings for ASRock b350m Pro4 any tips? I'd like to overclock to atleast 3.8ghz but I find it weird that I get this issue..

  • Brian González

    I need help please, im using the version 2.10, im trying to update to 3.0 with a fat32 usb, only the bios file is there and when i try to use the instant flash tool it doesn't find any files, i already tried with 2.60 and different usb slots but same results.

  • BlazingApple

    The 4.50 bricked my MOBO

  • kesh4six

    I'm gonna sub to you just for your ab350m pro4 videos lol. Awesome video, keep up the great work, bud.


    Very systematic and detailed test, bests all channels out there!

  • flashtu

    Bios v.3.30 should solve the frequency issue between RAM and CPU i hope it is True:)


    good stuff man i just finished my pc with that mb and 1600

  • Diego Cúneo

    I have a Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 with 2.60 bios. Should i update to 3.0?

  • Jobs Mohamed

    Is it possible to oc corsair vengeance 16gb (2x8gb) ddr4 3000 to 2933 with this new bios update ?

  • Brian G

    You deserve more subs, very informative videos

  • David Azevedo

    hi thanks for the video, are the 3.10 version its better or the same stability like 2.4 bios?

  • Mantork

    @Tealeaf Thanks for this video, it helped me to choose my mobo. Btw they have released bios 3.10 for this mobo with agesa

  • Erdem K.

    Some ryzen cpus needs some SoC voltage

  • supir07

    i have same mobo , proc with you..just waiting my proc in 3 days...but my ram corsair lpx 16 gbcmk16gx4m2b3000c15 ver 5.30 is hynix chipset...can this ram get speed at 3000mhz without prob?

  • Charlie Martina

    Just a heads up for anyone wondering about 3.20, I was getting between 1240 - 1260 in Cinebench (3850 clock, 1.375V) on 3.00. I'm now getting between 1100 - 1117 on 3.20 with the same overclock.

  • wile123456

    Has anything dramatically happened in BIOS 3.10 and 3.30?

  • PanaMacSpana

    Whenever I flash install bios my 1600x runs fine with XFR, but as soon as I power off my computer and turn it back on it downclocks itself to 2.2mhz and stays that way until I reflash my bios. It's doing my head in at the moment.

  • Dark5tar111

    There's an option called CPU Vcore Voltage, Fixed Voltage(V) under the Voltage Config option. How is that different to the CPU Voltage under CPU Frequency?

  • TheMasterNasty

    Should I update to 3.2 bios its the latest one, now i have 2.6 version?

  • Agung Abs

    I have A Ryzen5 (1500x) build with this board, after I updated the bios to 3.0 my system can't bootup with dual channel memory mode, my memory is corsair vengeance lpx 2x4gb 2666MHz. I've tried back to the previous bios, that's can't fix the problem, my system now run with 2x4gb single channel my gpu is MSI Aero ITX gtx1060 3gb, PSU (thermaltake 600W 80+ bronze) monitor 19" 60Hz and I try to play game (forza motorsport 6 apex) the game always crash, can't playing game in my build, Anyone can fix this problems?Sorry for my english, thank's befor,.

  • David

    hi, will you test out version 3.1 of ASRock bios?

  • ChuckyGlasco

    Hello I have this same MB and cpu and I cant get past 3.75 mhz. No matter how much I increase the voltage my pc wont boot and have to clear the cmos every time. I'm on bios 3.20 I thought any 1600 could at least get to 3.8 even without winning the silicone lottery. I can use Ryzen Master and run stable at 3.9 but it wont stick after reboot. What can i do? Please help...specs :ryzen 1600 stock coolerhyper x 2133 ram running at 2400Samsung 850 evo ssdAsus gtx 1060 6gbCorsair tx 550 psu

  • Daniel Brown

    Does 3.0 add more support to RAM OC? My Corsair Vengeance will not push above 2133 on 2.4 or 2.5. It's capable of 3200 but I can't get anywhere near it.

  • ray

    Can you give me a safe link to download occt from

  • Jobs Mohamed

    We desesperatly need more ab350m pro 4 videos ! Subed and thums up .

  • marc clasara

    contemplating on buying this mobo partnered with ryzen 1200? can i overlock it to 3.7-3.9 with no problems? what memory speed should i buy?

  • Kenny

    So Bios 2.4 is best?

  • Aurora19

    I have a question Im gonna be buying a ryzen 5 1500x and this board, now, I wont overclokc too much prolly its my first build so i might not OC at all looks very simple but I want everything to be stable first on top of that im just a gamer so I dont thinka slight OC would make THAT big of a difference, my ram will be 2666 do you think I should flash to 3.0? also does the board come w version 2.4 stock? Sorry if this is confusong just wanna be safe on my first build! Thanks :)

  • Newbie doobie

    subs! did you update to the latest bios? just got the same setup wondering if i should update to 3.0 or the latest,

  • rgray318

    BIOS 4.30 is now available too, but it requires bios 3.40 or 3.30 to first be flashed.

  • BlazingApple

    I was updating my BIOS to 4.50 (prev. 3.40 which is working fine) it was finished it said Hit Enter(suppose to restart the system) then after a few minutes my system is on a bootloop. It turns on then turns off. But the lights, fans , leds are working. Is there any fix?

  • HZXT

    Newer version like 3.30 or 4.10 are bugged as hell my pc didnt stop of restarting when i tried to OC the RAM only to 2800MHz when in the 2.4.i can easly reach 3200MHz

  • dellrizlonian

    What temps are getting with that overclock? I've got the same CPU and motherboard, and I'm running it at 3.6Ghz/1.25v but my temps in Ryzen Master show it peaks at around 79-80c. HwMonitor shows the same for the "package" temps.

  • wildwilllis1

    keep these up please!


    I want to OC my 1700 and RAM but a little hesitant on Pro4.

  • Squidward Tentacles

    Your intro made me think that my headphones kept unplugging its self.

  • ray

    My pc can now play games much more longer after I turn on vsync and set the games too high priority, it still crashes my computer but now it will only crash if I at tab and open another app or after a few hours of playing. With this info can you suggest what part may be causing the problem?

  • zLyko

    try asrock 4.70 version pls

  • MegaInsomnia13

    Definitely not having the same luck hitting stock RAM speeds as other users of this board using the BIOS. Using Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB 3000Mhz (CMU16GX4M2C3000C15) and only able to achieve stable 2400Mhz. I can push it to 2666Mhz but a lot of the time on power up it'll restart once or twice before posting at the proper speeds (confirmed on CPU-Z and AMD Master Suit). I've tried different timings, different voltages, different CPU overclocks, no overclocks, with XMP, without XMP but manually changing values. Tried 2.4, 2.5 and 3.0 bios versions, and I can only overclock the RAM at all on 2.4 or 2.5. Parts: help is appreciated, I'm worried that running at 2400Mhz is a huge waste of resources, if I could hit 2666Mhz I'd be happy.

  • Jake Wini

    Can you please do a video with CPUz and your ram.Everybody is having huge issues with it not running properly, even if setup accurately in the bios.I have it at 2800 for example, but wont break 2200

  • Francesco Mazzone

    Has anyone had any issues with their computer freezing? I have this mb and it keeps freezing. It's only been happening for a month. Has anyone found a solution for this?

  • Tostada Jones

    my ram is 3000mhz but im only getting 2133, do i need to do bios update to get better ram speed

  • Teh509

    I RMA'd my Asrock AB350m Pro4, aweful support for memory and overclocking. Problems with fan controls and USB drivers. Managed to get windows up a few times and even stable for a bit but could not get memory from the QVL list to post at anything above 2133, even though it was a 3200 kit. CPU overclocking was dogshit too. Internet connected bios update worked well though. Now have a MSI Bazooka B350 and running my 1600x at 4ghz, with 2800mhz ram... I will never buy an Asrock board again.

  • irfan aziz aulia

    You're doing great which makes me wonder why are there only 1xx people subscribed your channel. Thx for the vid btw..

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