What Is the best pool for Ethereum Mining? Criteria to choose Best Eethereum Pool!

Sometimes finding the pool can be difficult job rather than building the mining rig. If you did not do sufficient research on the pool, you will be ending losing your time, effort and cost. Like I did in the past.

I have tried almost all pools Ethpool, Nanopool, dwarfpool, f2pool, nicehash, miningpoolhub, Supernova, coinotron and more for AMD and NVIDIA cards.

Many miners suggest Ethpool.org is best pool. There is no doubt that it is a great pool, but I ended up losing money because of less research on it.

From my view, there are two major criteria choosing the best Ethereum mining pool:

- First one, what is your mining capacity. I mean how much mega hash can your mining rig can produce
- Second one is minimum payment threshold from the pool
Show some pools..

I hope this video was helpful to you to make better decision in regards choosing the best mining pool for Ethereum.

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Thank you for watching!

Best Mining Pool for Ethereum Mining: http://cryptokoinmining.com/best-mining-pool-for-ethereum/

    Never mine on ETHPOOL.ORG I've been mining this place for 4 months and still have not gotten my payout. they've got a great scam going on here. i was at last down to 20 hours left to payout and now I'm back to 7 days to payout WTF!? I dedicated a lot of time and money into this bullshit pool.Never AGAIN! correction now it says 11 days at the same hashrate. at this point it seems like i wasted 4 months of electricity on mining for this place and I'll never see a single penny.

  • Gepard Gepard

    Good day, my friend - my hash rate is 140 Mh/s and it will be more by adding some GPUs, so which pool you suggest to me to mine with it. Thanks.

  • Michel Quintin

    Great information! Very valuable for newbies like me! Tks!

  • john ramp

    Clear explanation. Thank you for your time!


    nanopool to change to 0.05 payout, use windows 10 with claymore SET your email address, wait for 10 point then you can change it, all you need is one machine first, do not connect many machine initially just one machine.

  • Prowebovky cz

    Great video . New Electroneum Pool http://etn.top-miningpool.eu/ Minimum payouts 20 ETN, Pool fee 1.5%.

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