Bitcoin Mining in 2018? Bitmain Antminer S9 Review w/ Profits, Setup, and BTC Difficulty

Vosk reviews his two month old Bitmain Antminer S9 capable of mining Bitcoin BTC / Bitcoin Cash BCH / Digibyte DGB and other coins on the SHA-256 Mining Algorithm. Since the start of 2018 all mining profits are decreasing and mining difficulty is continuing to increase. Today I review the Antminer S9 as a piece of hardware, what the daily earnings are, and how the rising difficulty + rumors of Antminer S11 make for a less than optimal outlook on Bitcoin mining in 2018

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  • Max Business

    good job ,bro also check this cooling box for miner

  • James Williams

    Hey Guys I want to introduce you to Hacker Jay he can increase bitcoin in your Blockchain account ... You can contact him on his WhatsApp +19293148388

  • Patrick Barth

    Nice, Digibyte is what I mine too, THE best block-chain available. Mine em and hold em

  • Djfw monteiro

    know the best and most profitable bitcoin mining company at the moment

  • Bit Bull

    $8 dollars a day on a $2000-4000 dollar investment. Doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

  • hino823

    its OBVIOUS but why are there sooooo many humans saying they earn 5-10 k per week profits with this thing....when in fact they earn squat.....HUMANS??????????????????????

  • Zak Dietzen

    Yo Vosk! Do you have a Discord group or telegram group?

  • Jason Perez

    My GPU build was a pain in the a$$ in the beginning, but has been smooth sailing for the last two months. As for the 3 S9s I ordered from Bitmain, all 3 received were broken, exchanged for new ones only to get 3 more that do not work. I'm about to start the process for another exchange. As always mine at your own risk.

  • Daniel Mullen

    i was thinking that as well can this all be done off macbook also how fast does your internet speed have to be i can basically get free electricity an i mean free but im in black area for internet, no nbm or fiber optic best internet land router box / speed i could get would be 5mb/s download speed would this be enough to run 2 3 or 4 s9 antminers

  • Rollin Lacy

    Hey, man. Love your videos. Considering setting up a rig in my house. Any shot I can get some advice?

  • Citizen Crypto

    Speaking of ASIC miners...have you seen this one yet? I don't think you want to review it at that cost, but then again...maybe you do? Check it out.

  • Mike Hudgins

    Vosk you gotta tell me where you got that sick hat.

  • Secret Lee

    Bitcoin's a nothing, put bitcoin in one hand a and poop in the other. Which one gets full first?

  • obzen33

    I'm a big fan of DGB!

  • n8 free-man

    Hey bro what state do u live in ?

  • k wins

    Vosk can you do a "a day in the life of a miner" where you show us your daily fixes (cuz theres always daily fixes to do), your remote-in software and how you manage all your miners. i have 29 8gb and 11gb GPUs and im having a nightmare managing it all.

  • Jared Kline

    Cheapest place to buy bitmain is hands down

  • krishna mehta

    Indian crypto exchange is live ...join and earn free WRX coin

  • Mark Michaels

    Hello Guys let me use this medium to thank Hacker Watson for helping me add 10btc to my wallet he his amazing and a very nice guy.. You can also contact him on whatsapp via +16313154525

  • Aadil Ayob

    hi, great reviews and i love watching ur videos, am in south africa, notices you have dgb with the blockfactory on sha 256, how is it going compared to bitcoin using the s9, as i am mining them as well but am concerened re the qty mined and have also added some l3 antminers using the scrypt algo, whats ur advise

  • steven lee

    Hi Vosk. I like all your video man. ^_^ So i'm hoping to get some advice from you. If that is okay?Here's my nightmare! i want to run 2x different GPU at the same time but i do not know how! Any advice on how to run my 2GPU at the same time?My specs below.Motherboard - Aorus x299 Gaming 9 GPU - 1x Aorus 1080ti 11gb Extreme edition GPU - 1x Aorus 1060 6gb extreme editionPower supply - FSP Hyper-M 700W2x Riser PCIE64P-No3 Version 006cThanks in advance!

  • Digital Beat Music

    Is running with 90-95 degrees bad for S9 ?

  • AndTheCorrectAnswerIs

    Annndddd....a couple days after this video and Bitcoin has SUPER-tanked...again. I'm just mining all I can before difficulties make it pointless...then I'll hope the crypto is actually worth something in 6-12 months.

  • TheUnamatrix

    Dear VoskCoin,On behalf of the DigiByte Design Team, I would like to point out that you are using the outdated DigiByte logo and ‘’Digibyte’’ name.‘’DigiByte’’ is the official name with capital B. We would highly appreciate if you could update to the rebranded one as soon as possible, as to avoid any confusion for the new DigiByte users and ensure brand consistency and trust.The logos are available at this repository: You are free to use any of the appropriate sizes for your website.This is the new logo (DGB symbol): Thank you very much for your time and effort.Best,Nigel DigiByteDigiByte Design Team

  • Ed Stanton

    Hey man, watched a few of your videos after finding your channel and love your transparency. Keep up the great work, you made a new fan today.

  • Melbourne Shorts

    Cool video fella! cheers

  • Ivan Fish

    1 you need the 14 T/H S9. While they are only .5 TH higher they out preform the 13.5 significantly. 2. They work like the horse n buggy analogy. ( you have 1 horse that pulls 1k. and another horse that can also pull 1k. But link them together and they pull 4k) using one aintminer at a time is not going to be very feasible. In my experience.*

  • Publishize

    Ok, but Bitmain has just released ant miner S9i "new model" its the same old S9 hahaha, I don't understand why Bitmain is making a new version of same old mineronly 20 watts less according to their site and profitability is the same I think at least on (as far as it says here: - so I don't understand why they are making a new model S9i? LOL. WHY BITMA!N?!

  • Michael Reed

    So the s9 costs approx. $2000, and it only mines $7.50 worth of btc a day? And the 14 watts power usage?

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  • Petar J

    I have a question for you .. I have the opportunity to buy a 1070TI x 6 maybe 10 cards.. The question is, what would be best, to take these cards, maybe some of the other cards or one of Antminer ..?

  • Masti time

  • Papaoumar Ouattara

  • Cooperson

    Hope it gets better, but it's not too bright in the cryptocurrency world. I heard some exchanges are selling their technology to banks, and i thought crypto was something that was suppose to go against it. I wonder if they're helping central institutions or cryptocurrency

  • Miroma Tube

    Hey man any way I can email you and ask u a couple questions?

  • Michael Philps

    I just got 5Btc from after investing 0.5 Btc with them.You guys should try them out

  • CherryBoomBox

    can you mine other coins with the s9?

  • Luis hige

  • Godwin Scott

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  • Nickel Tabs

    Ya close to a year roi? as of today

  • Alexander Barbiero

    hey vosk, should i wait for the newest vdc nvidia or buy now?. I really like your work in this channel!

  • Bills

    any chance of the dogl licking your misses pussy next to an antminer s9

  • Clara Lee

    For now i'm into bitcoin trading and its very profitable

  • Andrew Freeman

    @ 5:35 Vosk you are missing a major Calculation! You have to put in your Electric Costs under the "COST" box. Mine is at (.15-.17) yours is probably .10-.12 it's NOT WORTH IT.

  • Ketty Winslet

    Guys , great hype around for upcoming ICO GIG9 ! I like the concept and team from Oxford university is quite STRONG. What are your recommendations?

  • Michael Piester

    Vosk, Can you give us an update on your Burst Coin mining rig.


    Vosk can you plz make the same video but for a L3+ Bud!!!!!!

  • Luxe Accounts

  • Larry Clifton

    I saw a few miners here on YouTube several months back talk about Mr Roland, at first i was skeptical about him but after some time the number of testimonies increased. I decided to give him a shot, now I am great full because i mine btc daily directly to my wallet address as I had follow his instructions and then returns increased to get started contact Rolandscott821@gmail. com

  • The Fuddler

    Didn't think you could run a S9 on 120v because I thought the apw3++ didn't switch over to 1600W until it had 205V?

  • j g

    Hello For those who want to mine bitcoin for free at no cost and no investment, just with Google Chrome ☺️

  • Casey T

    Vosk, on your comment about S9s being out for years and people are expecting new. Moore's Law is being widely accepted as dead and any huge reduction in nm size on chips puts it at a point where the electrons jump the circuit lanes. So not much room left for chip improvements which is why they haven't changed in a few years now.. so history doesn't always predict the future.

  • Mike Cross

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  • Miguel Skywalker

    on hashflare you can buy 1 Th/s for 120$

  • The Fuddler

    S9 is auto frequency and can't be overclocked I thought?

  • JSLook100

    guys found some pretty crazy graphics cards based on hashing rates.. huge profits. would like some help getting established and  would definitely be willing to share profits.

  • Andrew Freeman

    Bitmain is such a scam these days. It was only good from July-Dec 2017. They sell you a product in USD but only take BCH. Then of course you have to pay shipping $140-160ea + import tax $60-80ea and then wait months for the pre-order product and the market drops like crazy, then just before they ship you your pre-order they come out with the same item but cheaper on their site than what you can ever sell it for, screwing over all the Pre-orderers. To make up for it, they give you a discount code to buy more of their product F##@$ Bitmain!!!

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