How to Liquid Cool Any Graphics Card

Here We show you how to Water Cool Any Graphics Card using the NZXT Kraken G10.

Parts Used:
NZXT Kraken G10:

Corsair H105:

PNY GTX 980 ti:

Compatible Coolers:

NZXT : Kraken X61, Kraken X41, Kraken X31, Kraken X60, Kraken X40
Corsair : H105, H110, H90, H75, H55 , H50 (CW-9060006-WW only)
Antec : KUHLER H2O 920V4, KUHLER H2O 620V4, KUHLER H2O 920, KUHLER H2O 620
Thermaltake : Water 3.0 Extreme, Water 3.0 Pro, Water 3.0 Performer, Water 2.0 Extreme, Water 2.0 Pro, Water 2.0 Performer
Zalman : LQ-320, LQ-315, LQ-310

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    nice very good video

  • XenoVortex

    can it watercool MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 0 TI 4G OC Graphics Card

  • Sean Kinzer

    By ANY card... You mean the ones on the provided list of supported models.Not the Ati Rx390 8gb...I'm so tired of my wife frying eggs in my PC case. Lol

  • Arko Sharma

    Will it work With Asus strix r9 390x

  • CobraForce

    Can you do SLI mode. Will this allow SLI mode or is it to big for that, does it interfere?

  • Orion Myers

    Click bait it didn’t fit on my Geforce 256

  • Ydoum's Gaming Den

    do NOT use this shit for anyone still looking into it. It does NOT cool your VRAM/voltage regulators. The tiny fan is worthless for that.

  • Deniz Köroğlu

    you need only Shut UP , fck your voice

  • Mason Hehnlin

    will this work on a 1050 ti

  • Kutluhan Avşar

    My gpu is working on 100 C When I don't play game it's 63 C. I should buy a new one it's too old.

  • Jason Ong

    Is there a 280mm version instead of 240mm that works along with the NZXT?

  • Gary Wijaya

    Can you put this on the gpu of a 1080 aorus gaming box gpu?

  • GenoGENOVA

    explain me how and why if you overclock you get to 5 FPS ????? Really you overclock to get a min of 5 FPS while at GPU stock clock you get 30 fps ???Or did you Updated the Driver after test with OC ?because that something I don't understand

  • Clutchjam007

    will this work?

  • Bad Gamer

    well someone said that vram will get overheated...? but why is the fan for? u will overclock the gpu only not the vram too ps. i got 8gb vram and shall i use it on RX 580?

  • Nick

    See that row of 6+2 components at min 1:28 right next to his thumb? those are voltage regulators that convert the 12v supplied to the card to 1.1, 1.8, 3.3V and so on depending on what each particular GPU uses for voltage. These components get very hot as well during operation, it's not just the processor itself. If the heatsink is removed then these regulators have no way to cool down and of course that means they wear off much faster. So I would not spend any money on this system.

  • Gold24k

    can anyone point me to a tested solution for nvidia tesla c2075 liquid cooling?

  • VengefulSage

    i think they really need to work on this liquid cooling shit. the radiators take up so much room it's crazy >< i'll stick with air until something happens with that


    MW Technology my graphics card is overheating causing my games to crash will this kraken thing fix my asus ROG gtx 780?

  • andre reyhan

    why gtx series too easy heat than gt series ??

  • Nathan Bogo

    Can i do this for a gtx 1050 ti (MSI) I want to do it to get rid of the red lighting

  • Loppeh

    That was a lot of thermal compound

  • Nelson Lopez

    This Is Awesomeness Hands Down.. I Thought About Doing This Myself.. I Have A {Corsair Liquid Cooler H110i Extreme}.. To Cool Off My Intel i7 CPU 920.. If I Get Another Corsair H110i.. I Can Use It On My *{AMD Radeon(TM) 560 Series}.. This Is Something Looking Into.. Thanks A Lot.. Than Some Thermal Pads For The VRM.. *{MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALWAYS}.. @{_*}@

  • BioThunderX Beats

    Yeah, and what about memory heatsinks?

  • grin

    can i liquid cool my palit 1060 6gb? lol

  • Tig Ger

    I this a highly recommended product because I'm just starting to look in pc for gaming and I want good and not too expensive parts. anything around $1600 or below is how much I'll spend. What kind of hard drive should I get for a 1070ti ? because I also want just one monitor for gaming and for browsing.

  • Lord Krythic

    I tried cutting some corners and just poured some ice water on the entire motherboard.

  • I did it

    Hmmm i think you can add a peltier cooler water block on that tube path. :P

  • Swizz

    on the oc the min fps was 5fps and the stock was 30fps ???

  • balsero17

    Would this work on a evga gtx 1060 sc the single fan 6gb version?

  • Clinton Ostwalt

    There is pre-applied thermal compound on the liquid cooler and no need to add any extra.

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