GTX 1060 3G vs RX 570 4G Benchmark

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  • Adama John

    Heard Nvidia gonna release the 11 series actually today. +1 GMT


    Not that much lower from GTX 1060.Pretty good benchmark

  • Finley Jack

    Can u do intel hd 630 vs Nvidia gt 610 plz

  • sorinpopa

    Can u test please i7 2600K OC vs Ryzen 5 1600 . Im really courios if will worth the upgrade from my i7 2600K to that 6 core ryzen cpu. Thanks in advance :)

  • Mr. Socrates

    Where is the fortnite?

  • TheFacu17

    I love the rx 570 ! I have a combo with the r5 1400

  • Code:Creator

    Haswell i3s vs 8th gen i3 and R3

  • JPS Techs

    I think u dnt have the card u are playing with us giving us wrong data

  • El Fede25

    wow gtx 1060 3gb for $280? here in Argentina it cost $450

  • NostalgicMonkey

    Both GPUs are pretty much neck and neck, all games considered. Can't go wrong with either purchase, if these GPUs ever return to pre-mining prices.


    Me regalas una GTX 1070ti plis

  • CombatWombat

    Could you do a video on the i5 3570k(overclocked) compared to modern cpus?

  • N1ghtW0lf

    It depends in the price but for the same money i go for the 570 because of de 4gb of vram

  • abcd efgh

    I have amd radeon 7790 1 gb ddr5 intel pentium e5400 core 2 duo 2.7ghz and 4 gb ddr 2 ram on 667mhz. Which games can i play?

  • David Castellanos

    i'm rocking a 570 gaming-x with an FX-8320@4.4GHz and it's rock solid for games.

  • pcerdo

    Porfa... As los bechmark en 2k

  • JPS Techs

    Where dou get all the card.....

  • Yasin Omidi

    Wow, am surprised, I didn’t know rx 570 would be this close

  • Alex Boss

    Rx 580 4gb vs gtx 1060 6gb

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