Asus RX570 ROG Strix 4GB Mining 30MH/s Low Power Consumption!

Asus RX570 ROG Strix 4GB Elpida

Modded bios with custom straps, result:
Hashrate 148MH/s
Power consumption 685W
  • Joseph Mazza

    Were those 6pin or 8pin pci power adapters

  • Masz Tos

    hey i see that im not the only person but maybe you could share your bios and settings for those cards.

  • kevin van waard

    what did you do to lower the powerconsumption? i have:core 1075mhz and voltage 950memory 2000mhz and voltage 975But i don't have the tools to check powerconsumption

  • Mobile Tips

    How is possible Mining 30MH/s

  • Gunther Roelandts

    Could you please share your bios or settings please?

  • Beycan Girgin

    Hi, i’m use Asus Rx570 OC 4GB, This card include Ellesmere GPU and GDDR5 Hynix ramI owerclocked biosİ use claymore client and pool But i get only 21 Mh/s speedWhere is wrong

  • Steven Taeza

    Hows the setup running as of today?

  • Morax Norb

    where the bios link? hmm??

  • Lee Parker

    Are these the O4G version or the OC version? Would be great if you could add some details!

  • Mitch Conner

    running with 4 of these myself, 121mh/s @ 630W, how you get your watt so low?

  • ArmouredSpacePony

    fuck this video; show us the settings / bios used otherwise why upload it at all?

  • Jon Sauve Theberge

    Impressive ! How did you do that ? I flash my bios + OC and with 5 RX570 I got 140Mh/s at 800W +15% power limit. Thank you

  • Nick Diehl

    You're ruining gpu prices m8

  • Lester Kett

    power setings on msi afterburner?

  • Chathura Adikari

    is that OC version ?

  • BenzSUV

    curious to also know what memory vendor you have. If any or Hynix?

  • Fatih Karaosman here his profile.

  • Simba

    Mikec ! just using the same bios you used, great ROM !My card is not very pushy as yours...I am at 1150 mhz cclock, 2000 memclock, 860mv and doing 29,4 mhsIf I raise my memclock to 2020, it becomes a bit unstable..Also when I lower my gpuclock it hashes a bit less..Just wondering, do you also have a nice ROM for Hynix RX570?I used the polaris editor one click and flashed the gives me 30.3 mhs with 1150 cclock and 2100mhz memclock with 860mv to 870mv...thnx anyway!

  • Canal do Kr4toos

    up biosmod for download please

  • Fortnite compilation 69

    What is mining? and how do you get money from this?

  • luis vegas

    Share the fucking bios dude

  • Trung ND

    @Mikec could you please share your bios rom ?

  • nassim khaled Alili

    Plz can yoi share with me your modded bios for this card model

  • Guillermocen

    amd driver version ?

  • Ivan Georgiev

    Can you share your bios please? I have same cards and dont find buos fot them...

  • elm1913

    I have no idea why this guy made a video of his rig but doesn't share it to his visitors, be kind my friend share your bios to us

  • Ivan Luts

    Привет. Можеш дать пжл линк на страпи?

  • Ferocom

    could you share mate how much watts you get per GPU?

  • Simon Transport

    a si to sam skupaj sestavil ? tudi sam bisestail nekaj takega ... dej piši mal kako se obnese lp


    Mike would you mind sharing modded bios strap settings? Thanks man

  • djole tadic

    Hey. Can you please upload the bios for those? Thanks

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