How To Mine Ethereum On Windows (GPU / CPU)

I made this video showing how I'm mining Ethereum using my home computer.
Recommended best Ethereum mining GPU for Price / Performance / Efficiency -
AMD R7 370 4GB US | UK

Hardware I'm using in this video

Nvidia MSi GTX 970 4GB

Best GPU's for Mining Ethereum

Ethereum Multi CPU & GPU Miner Download:

Extra video on setting up your batch / config file

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Tips are appreciated. Here's my Addresses

Burstcoin BURST-N8KB-DKKW-9C4W-AF289
Storj 1PtCzyShTUXwhf63nRqQuxEgLZRkjwu4SK
Ethereum Classic:0x0927B3ff51BFC3865788aE7ad90246D850c05325
  • Richard Ashmore

    json-rpc problem. probably couldn't connect ... any help :/ ?

  • ImposterChovie

    It crashes immediately

  • Mainly Gaming

    how do i configure the supernova file

  • Ted Faulkenburg

    I keep getting Failed to submit hashrate error?

  • omegamanradio

    any instructions on how to mine ETH solo in 2017? i have tried the pools and want to try solo now on windows 10

  • Tech Whale

    mine says failed to submit hashrate

  • Xi Xu

    THIS IS ADWARE!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD"Adware Generic_r.BWT";"Potentially dangerous object"

  • Maniac-007

    mine says press any key to continue.. help

  • Harie Amjari

    In my cmd it shows *creating dag*. is this normal??

  • Fonkas

    i think this guy rich right now xD

  • Ricardo Santos

    hello dude, how can i withdraw to my account?

  • Bossman Playz

    Any good GPU recommendations for mining and playing games?

  • Thujan Krishnakumar

    Found suitable CUDA device [GeForce GTX 1080] with 8589934592 bytes of GPU memoryminer 13:01:14|main Getting work package... X 13:01:14|main Failed to submit hashrate. X 13:01:14|main Dynamic exception type: class jsonrpc::JsonRpcExceptionstd::exception::what: Exception -32700 : JSON_PARSE_ERROR: The JSON-Object is not JSON-Valid: Database Error

  • Hash OceanStaff

    HashOcean now uses HashFlare, Please check us out at the cheapest cloud mining on the net with a modest ROI.

  • souvik naskar

    Dear Sir please contact me I want ethereum maining , my contact no 9922628379

  • Georgios Iatropoulos

    Hi and thanks for your video. Do you somewhere report how we can create a wallet? doesn't explain how a wallet can be created or set up.


    Hi there! Thanks for all your vids man, interesting stuff. I have a question I hope you can help me with. I have a gpu rig running on Linux but I'm not happy and want to change to Windows. How easy will this be? Must warn that I'm a bit of a dinosaur

  • sijubahmerah

    how many you can get per day ? in us dolar please

  • IMineBlocks

    Here's an updated video for mining Ethereum

  • シスイチモ

    hmm port 4444 seems legitive

  • Hira Nazz

    What is your computer specfication?

  • Zafar Satyavan

    Find brit accent so hard to understand!

  • PreworkoutPro

    I have tried a few different hardware rigs for mining ethereum but honestly its a waste of time unless you have a lot technical expertise your much better looking into something like Its a very easy way to get started in mining

  • Drazzz

    What temps are your GPUs operating at? Is there a way to lower the usage of the GPU since my 390x is hitting 90+Celsius and AC isn't available here.

  • Georges Vernier

    When I launch the devices.bat i have my cmd that says something like : etherminer is not recognized as an internal or external command, an executable program or a command file... I have tried to run the cmd as an admin but it give the same error message. What can I do ?


    thanks again this allso running on my pc now

  • Simon Andovski

    Is it possible to make 500$ monthly earning using crypto mining? I got the advantage of living in a third world country where the electricity is cheap, and what should i buy to achieve that? Thx in advance :).

  • Juan Carlos Pineda

    I have this problem Allocating/mapping single buffer failed with: clCreateBuffer(-61). GPU can't allocate the DAG in a single chunk. Bailing. clEnqueueWriteBuffer(-38)I don't know to do

  • LuisitoMD

    escusme sir, but, can u explain how to creat a bat file for mining with two differents amd cards. By example r9 290x r9 380? Thanks for your tips.

  • Char Klavin

    stopped listening after you said a gtx 970 was efficient & you recommended it for mining.kekt/rekt

  • eljuancho2

    any1 sell me 842 usd worth of bitcoin? so i can go in genisis mining,my bank dont trust the site.

  • Renan Souza

    how to make windows 7 accept 6 gpu ?

  • Carlo Carnevali

    When I start it, after a while it crashes

  • Minerador x

    You have screen print which is by mining with R7 260X? I need to know what her performance. (ethereum)thank you.

  • Akhimlee shehan

    hello buddy. how minimum to withdraw ?

  • x99

    In 2016 making a tutorial using windows vista is basically unacceptable... Windows 10 acts very differently.

  • malekai777

    Do you have a video where you use windows 10? I have a gigabyte GTX 970 so I'm glad you're using the same gpu, gives me an idea of the kind of MH/s I'll be getting. Or would it be possible to put windows 7 on a partition on the disk and use that OS to mine? Any help would be great, thank you.

  • madProgenitorDeity

    how's the rate of accrual on a decent machine?

  • Norzaidi

    hye, how do you check how much have you mined? my wallet shows 0 but ethereum pool shows 0.02

  • Exotix-

    kind of a older video but I get this error with my 1050 tiCuda error in func 'set_constants' at line 134 : invalid device symbol.

  • 1mijaz

    how do i run this thing?

  • x3

    Why do I have 600,000 - 800,000 hashes on a GTX 1070?Please Help!

  • Lori Favela

    It's not easy to do mining, its a process. But I'd like to learn

  • realtor

    do I need to run geth -rpc first?

  • George Heaven

    I'm getting the JSON-RPC problem that I found mean the blockchain is not synched .. HOW THE FK DO I SYNC IT D: ...

  • RoelNicky

    so basically i can't mine eth because i have windows 8 ....

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