How Much can you make from building and mining 6 GPU rig with Ethereum and NiceHash Part 2

This is the part 2 video about building and testing a mining rig from scratch.

In Part 1:
We showed how to build a mining rig from scratch.

Total built cost: $2279.36

PSU - 1600 T2 EVGA $479.99

6 GPU Rig $299.99

4X GPU - GeForce 1060 GTX 6GB: $259.99

Motherboard - MSI Z170A Gaming M5 $172.99

CPU - I3-6320 $166.99

DDR4 4GB Ram $64.99

SSD - Kingston 120gb $69.45

6X PCI-E Raiser $49.99

Belkin Power Meter -

(Prices might change because of demand and new gear)

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  • Emmanuel Oluwole

    God bless u sir. I which I can be like u. U r d best teacher

  • The Bryan Family

    what is that meter you are using to monitor the electricity?

  • Daniel St-Arnault

    what is the name of the white frame and where to buy it?Thanks

  • DjGhost718

    is that $120 per card/month? or $120 that you get for the entire rig/month?

  • Hibache

    How many actual bitcoins will you mine in doing this rig running 24-7, 365 days?

  • Aakash Mewara

    I am waiting for the day when this shit will end, and all those graphics card will be available at cheap rates

  • Jay Jay

    I'm looking to start a Cryptocurrency mining group, for us to learn from each other: , We can bounce strategies and best practices off each other.

  • Kingy B

    Nicehash sucks dogs balls !

  • AppLoft Android

    Hey man, in the process of building my own rig, wondering when Im all set with my rig, what is ur suggestion for opening a wallet and where, also what mining program is best to start with. Thanks.

  • Lockheed Martin

    So you gain nothing ... 70 Dollar a month minus equipment cost, you earn 2021 those 70 dollars

  • Darryl Herbert

    goto work you'll make 20 bucks an hour, lol

  • Burhan Awan

    Y is he blasting fans on full lol

  • BooostedGTI

    How much can you make a day with 1 1060?

  • MrMidiman33

    whats the point to mine 50 bucks per month, and ivest 1300 dollars for hardware? The Break even comes after 2.1 years of mining! Sounds very stupid for me! how abaout to get a regular job and mine 1200 bucks in a month? you di this for fun?

  • mohamed HLK

    cheapest mining ever 15% daily with free 125 gh/ s

  • Slankysausage

    why not use all six instead of just using four?

  • Dunja I

    Fucking shit bots dont know what to do with own life and dont even know they working for and what

  • Chownzi

    You should include the price of Bitcoin when you do this because 2018 Bitcoin is crazy this setup would make way more money now and ethereum

  • C MG

    @3:47 "fuckin"

  • Techno Yash

    Send any graphic card n I will give you 100% genuine 1000 subscribers

  • shahaam hamid

    How long does it last? Repairs and maintains?

  • IQ BOY

    20, January, 2017Doing ~5 usd a day on a single gtx 1070 with gpu overclock +250 and memory on stuck

  • Ali Delaram

    Do you recommend Winforce card ?

  • heck naw

    These returns simply CANNOT be right... I make 90-120 a month on my 1000$ laptop, it is nice, but it's not crazy nice, how can it out-perform all of those 1060's?My laptop only has 1 1060, and an I7 7700 @ 2.8gh

  • M Barajaa

    Hi where did you buy the white metal frame and the fans.?

  • Dragos Udrea

    Free crypto faucet, you get a few cents each hour:

  • soldatheero

    so all six GPUs makes 120 a month?

  • Elmer Cuaton

    this rig for me is nothing compare how much you earn in youtube

  • Francis

    4$ a day for all these stress...maybe i am not getting it all right here

  • Guillermo Tapia

    Good info, saved me lots of time...

  • GameStyle85

    i am getting 4,5 USD and i have one 1060 6Gb

  • adil razzaq

    Hi broo, can i get your e-mail to ask u feww questions about that video??

  • Dubstepper Jay

    i want to mine 500 bitcoin in a day, what do i need?kindly reply?

  • Alin Staicu

    seems like a bit of a wast, if by some miracle you can get 5$ a day after all other costs, it will still take you almost a year and a half to cover the initial cost....

  • John A

    Stop mining. You are contributing on global warming.

  • Rodney Young

    I make your yearly profit from mining with one day at work. This mining scene is hurting.

  • Amir khan

    If you want to earn on home Pc so use this link download the and start earning

  • ktulhu2011

    2400 dollars investment, 120 net income per month, means 1 year and 8 months mining just to cover the cost of the machine (hoping the rewards won't decrease during all this time), plus, the components aren't even resellable at a decent price once that time has passed. this just makes no sense, you'll be way richer spending 5 hours a week delivering pizzas, plus, you don't need an investment to do the job. after 2 years the miner will have gained 500 dollars and a very old pc, while the pizza deliverer more than 3000 dollars (that's a 600% long term profitability). i was interested in investing 3000 in a mining pc, but i don't want to be the pizza deliverer's bitch.

  • Mauricio Reyes

    hey how do you connect to the internet do you use wireless card ?

  • lucian ciuchi

    bro i want the windows from where you downloaded??

  • Bodhi Tree

    where is the link you promised on what and where the hardware can be purchased?

  • mygame595

    So where did tou get your payout address? Where do the payouts go?

  • Jonathan Maybury

    By the time you have broken even, the rig will be knackered, So what good is it?

  • Michael R

    $120 / month? Is it worth it?

  • Yadu Darmapalan

    Hi, I had just started mining etherium, How can i cash my mined etherium ?

  • Defalt

    So my question is. Is it worth it, what's the actual daily income? If it's going to be 4 dollars a day. Having this up 24/7 at the end of the month you'll be paying over 200 dollars.Can someone help me out?

  • Poe Nhem

    If I wanted to make 4k a month from mining how much investment is needed to start mining?

  • sashankkv

    Thank you very much. Extremely comprehnsive videos. Loved them.

  • Techno Yash

    Comment in my channel to get more

  • linuxmq

    that is roughly over 1 year before you make any profit, assuming during that time the hash difficulty does not increase, nor the electricity and nothing breaks in your computer if running 24/7 for over one year. Good luck to you :)

  • Jakob Köhler

    The date on the machine is on 16th April 2009?

  • Umarkhan Akhmedov

    Hi guys! I need to ask is there anyome who knows about Baikal Giant B miner? Can we make it by ourselves at home? Thanks ahead


    Quick question at the time of this video you were mining roughly .50 Ethereum a month with the 3 video cards. I am curious to know if you are still making .50 a Ethereum a month with the 3 video cards?

  • Dark Wulf

    Only for 90$ for month ! Gooo tooo workkk You can!

  • sirash ss

    How much hashing power it generates for 4 graphic card.

  • Adam Joey

    Hi ( How much bitcoin) Can you please email me ( I am interesting talking to you regarding set up my pool I don't know much about it Thanks mate looking for word to hear from you soon 👍

  • Colin Stienke

    That rack was 300 I don't think so . You could buy a video card for that much

  • Oriol. Corporation

    $?Ethereum $?NiceHash

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