How to MOD your GPU BIOS for Mining - MSI ARMOR rx 570 8gb - 30 MHS Ethereum - ELECTRONEUM GIVEAWAY

This is how you would MOD the GPU BIOS for mining. This specific card is a MSI Armor rx 570 8gb MICRON memory. The steps would be relatively the same for any AMD GPU.

28+ MHS Ethereum
850+ h/s Electroneum

Giveaway towards bottom...

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BETA Blockchain Drivers

TechPowerUp GPU-z

Anorak BIOS - for WHITE MSI Armor RX 570 8gb Micron

AMD/ATI ATIFlash 2.77

Polaris Bios Editor

SRBPolaris (Advanced Editing)!TVgGHQZS!yfmtIvbF67iS4QrEJqb26g

AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher

MSI Afterburner
Click Downloads Page

Claymore's Dual Miner

How to Set Up Claymore's Miner


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  • Arkxius

    Hello TechnicalySaved, I saw that you "bios mod" gpu on anorak. Are you able to do it for me? I'll tip you for the bios mod! Let me know, thanks.

  • Robert ManDone

    and a lot of errors .... too much errors can damage gpu in time ;) for max performance bioses , 32 mhs + without any error , for ethash and cryptonight , contact me on facebook : Roberto Santiago

  • Technically Saved

    No one wants free Electroneum? Directions in video description!!

  • dgpretzel

    I believe I have exactly the card you are discussing. The black & red MSI ARMOR RX 570 8GB OC MK2, recently purchased from Newegg. So, I was very happy to find your youtube post. But, because I'm not experienced with BIOS modding, I would ask for a little further clarification. In this video, you reference a particular modified BIOS, and you provide a link in the description details. I was all set to try this, when I also observed another thread at ( ) in which you have a prominent post. You refer to a modded BIOS there, too. But, maybe that is a newer BIOS than what was available when you made this video. MIght you comment on which one you currently prefer? Thank you.DG

  • alayoubi

    Hi Do u still getting same hash rate or higher?And how u made the (GPU1=OFF) in Miner like in the video?

  • Technically Saved

    Learned how to MOD BIOS, not a pro but hopefully getting there.

  • Rémi CARLES

    hello does the bios mod short the life of the GPU ?

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