How to Mine Ethereum - For Beginners [EASY]

In this video I explain briefly what mining is and how it works. I show step by step instructions on how to get started mining. Everything from joining a pool, to downloading the software, to creating a wallet.

This is super easy and everyone is able to do it if they have thr right hardware.

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- Download the mining software
- Create an Ethereum wallet
- Set up the batch file
- Run the miner
- Watch the money pour in :)

  • thegraphic21

    Thanks Tim for the video. It really help me a lot to set up and mine ethereum. Can you also post one for "How to mine Litecoin and Zcash" for Beginners. I am currently using AMD+NVIDIA GPU. Thank you!

  • MrNoobiezHax

    i only get about 6 mh/s max with an overclocked 970 sli setup, is it okay or what?

  • Lito Arana

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  • Pathos69

    I dont see the commands anymore that you are supposed to copy from ethermine. What do I do now?

  • Revshare Income

    wow thank you so much

  • Yetti Chevrette

    I found this multi-player game site that pays you to pay, and it's free!

  • Mason Mckinnon

    Interface appears to be working even said I got 1 share on a job but the dashboard shows 0 workers 0 hash rate and no shares? Interface says my hash rate is around 8. Any Idea why this is happening?

  • Mikci A

    Installation steps for Remote Claymore MonitorRemote Claymore Monitor - RCM Monitor your rigs remotely

  • Ziyaul Haque

    why r u making video where u don't have even 1 $...

  • daryl chua

    hi may i know if my gtx 750 1gb will work even a bit?

  • STURM ! ! !

    Not working, the "go.bat" file is closeing after few seconds.

  • Ernest Arthur

    why is your site different from mine? im not seeing the details you copied into the bat file on the site. maybe you can paste it in your description for us to copy please

  • jamel sweet

    Thank you so much for this video. I have had my miner since early Jan and couldn't figure out how to get it going. I followed everything you said and I am now mining.

  • Bearded Wonderer

    Every time I save the bat file I try to run the miner just to have it say I did not enter a valid pool. Go into the bat file and it is blank...

  • Benedetto Lo Bue

    hello you can send me a written guide ....I translate it into Italian

  • Your Highness

    All Miners are being Used by the Deep State.

  • Alper Can

    ethereum soft join

  • Sinar Mentari Bersatu

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  • legendarybeast 85

    u can use 3gb gpu :) thnk me later

  • Jorge Siles

    But thats is virtual money? O

  • TheProspectormike

    not sure what you mean i have a 3g gtx1060 and i am at 20.545 mhs at 54c

  • H Sam

    What's the current average daily earning rate?

  • Extreme Dynamics

    Hey Tim, there is a new mining company located in California that I believe will be huge. They're about to release in the next few days. Oh, the miner is low cost, low energy, you own it, and can buy as many as are available. You should check it out and let me know what you

  • Lil puddin9312

    Hp 15 =does not fucking work 😂

  • matty corn has pre-built mining rigs already lol. they even have mining rigs without the gpus, so you can add gpus yourself, for cheap. Their current rigs have the gpu's valued at under $400 per graphics card. The graphics cards they use are radeon 570's.

  • Mexmex1975

    OpenCL.dll error this is waste of TIME if it works it works if no it's a waste of time. Nothing against you but if you aren't able to help when it won't work don't tell people it's easy. Maybe easy for you.

  • Benedetto Lo Bue

    vuoi essere pagato........

  • dante

    thanks man good job but I have eror cpu

  • Vonka Boy

    it did not work the cmd opens but just closes again?

  • Ricardo Monteroyo

    hello guys.. anyone can help 6GPU MSI GTX 1060 6GB my hashing power is only 2.2Mh/ speed = 13.8Mh/s.... is there a chance to increase the hashpower

  • Sargeras

    so when i click on the batch file it opens up and closes right after.

  • Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

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  • Mikci A

    Installation steps for Remote Claymore MonitorRemote Claymore Monitor - RCM Monitor your rigs remotely

  • 《《 Om 》》

    Benchmark: 18mhsSpeed mining: 2mhsGpu:gtx 780 oc 3gbComment: Please help


    can GTX 750 Ti work ???

  • larry hightower

    what if your batch file won't open. did everything to what you did and when i go to open the file it comes up and closes

  • Michael Deherder

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  • Health Org


  • John PapaJohn

    Very helpful video, thanks a lot my friend.

  • Pei pei jiang

  • Bitcoin Diamond is Mooning

    Hey will the Asus TP200SA work?

  • Tomelis

    Can you make a video how to send money to paypal? Or you can explain in comments

  • best place

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  • Ahmet Çevik

    GPU 0, GpuMiner cu_kd failed 8 (0), invalid device functionGPU 0, Calc DAG failed! error fix ?

  • Michel Plante

    Great for starters, thank you! My Claymore miner is not able to connect to ethermine but it connects ok to dwarfpool. Just like you I'm trying to connect to but it says that it can't connect. Any ideas^ thank you!

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  • Publicidad HD

    Mining in the cloud, You can earn up to $ 1,000 per month in single you just have to install this new extension of Google and you'll be mining Bitcoin Free Link:

  • name muster

    Hey Tim, thanks for that basic tutorial,i don't understand: why don't you need to sync with the blockchain?

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