PCB Breakdown: Asrock "6"+3 phase AM4 VRM used on the AB350M Pro 4, AB350 Pro 4 and AB350 Gaming K4

How VRMs work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDRHV3qtSWc&list=PLpS0n7xxSadUrlcFiJBAEGBzGet16k92k

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  • Nik Narcotic

    Don't buy the AB350M Pro 4 by the way. It's fucking awful. Had nothing but stress with this since it began freezing 2 weeks after installation.

  • Milos Kajganic

    I cannot find the quality of the components but the MSI did a similar "trick" on their x370 SLI plus mobo which is 8+2 by the voltage regulators but the PWM segment is 4+2 dunno about other components... can you review this mobo, as it is popular... and what about it with the 2700x is it a good combo? MSI x370 sli plus

  • rgray318

    This board freezes all the time, not sure if the caps are bad or if the isl95712 has a temp cut off protection built in. Which caps are for the VRM's? The 4 next to the inductors or the 2 big ones next to the Hi side mosfets?

  • tigerbalm

    Wut does general Lee has to do wit anything?

  • jerry jerry

    I have had the board a couple of weeks. The latest version of this board has heat sinks on the VCORE and SOC MOSFETS. I hope it will help the stability.

  • Vice Liberty Andreas

    There's a new Asrock X370 Pro4, it's strikingly similar to AB350 Pro4, I hope they have the real 6+3 VRM, or is it? Hoping to see PCB breakdown in this channel.

  • rgray318

    Anyone have any ideas as to why the AB350M Pro4 has so many freeze issues? Comments on Newegg and Amazon seems to suggest that the board shuts down power to the processor for no apparent reason. Yet the bigger brother AB350 Pro4 is not affected.

  • Zhuge Liang

    Tweaktown has a different view https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/8173/asrock-fatal1ty-ab350-gaming-k4-motherboard-review/index3.html

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