Gigabyte AB350M D3H Ryzen AM4 motherboard unboxing

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I figured this would be a nice AM4 motherboard without breaking the bank for my customer. What do you guys think?

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  • JimmyV15 ,

    does it support ddr3

  • mcm presto

    This motherboard can handle ryzen 7 1700? Your thoughts please

  • Me

    Hi does it have pwm and dc support if you plug ina 3 pin fan?

  • PSYCHoHoLiC1000

    2:57 : HDMI 3.0 .... HDMI 3.1 ... haha :)

  • Daniel Borchert dos Santos

    OMG! Michael Cera, is that you? xD

  • Deshring Nunisa

    Will this light up my RGB cabinet fans?

  • BlazingApple

    Is this motherboard color brown?

  • Rocket Man

    will this work in this AMD A8-9600

  • the7observer

    what bios version does this come with?

  • Dana's #1 Fan

    are you able to overclock on that board ? I cant and i have the same board

  • WarHammerPH

    Some styupid geek youtuber pretenders saying that Gigabyte didnt make it into making a decent and good quality B350 series lol. Bunch of moffos unboxers that has a BS one sided review opinions and single minded knowledge in systems.

  • Edward Lawrence

    CPU Overclock suport ?

  • Roy Gutierrez

    those are USB 3.0 etc not HDMI hahaha...

  • SuperMito21

    Which one is better, this version or the gaming version?

  • Max Payne

    Does it support ryzen 3???

  • Rahul Sawarkar

    COMA! LOL new generation PC enthusiast no doubt! The two seperate SATA ports are from the CPU pcieX channel while the 4 bunched together are from the secondary chip. The two are disabled if you use m.2 SSD as the limited pcie slots are consumed for pciex4.PS: I just purchased the same board last weekend, waiting to update bios at service center next weekend to use with a 2400G.

  • Mckayver

    awesome video great detail

  • timothy meehleib

    Have you try this Mobo on any 8core ryzen such 1700, 1700x or 1800x? If so, how far the overclock go? Thanks

  • bylbash6120

    Is this motherboard not support ryzen 1600?My PC doesnt start :(

  • Il'shat Burangulov

    Good information, like.

  • Passiboy

    Hey! would you happen to know if it has wifi and bluetooth built in?

  • Mr LambSauce

    Can you change the wraith spire fan led using this mobo? And it is overclockable?

  • Adrian Camacho

    Good review, congrats.

  • segaprophet

    why are you calling the PCI (non express) slot a "serial port"?

  • Andrés Acuña

    Would this motherboard support dual GPU?

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