Tone's MA #72 - Get Ready for Bitcoin Aug Split

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Time Index:
00:01 - Intro & Travel Schedule
03:45 - Equities
09:20 - Gold (Looks Ugly)
18:20 - Oil
19:30 - Bitcoin Technicals
30:30 - Litecoin
33:00 - General Comments on Crypto (Time Analysis for Aug11th, SegWit2x, UASF, BIP148)
47:00 - Live Q&A

Time Analysis Article:

Guide to setting up your own node (see below for making it #UASF compatible)

UASF - BIP148 Mandatory Reading:
CoreDev UASF Support:
Informative UASF Video's

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  • Nope Noperson

    This guy thinks that blocksize should be REDUCED! He approves of corporate censorship by Blockstream. He's a sellout banker shill, not a cypherpunk.

  • Will Power

    '''Holy Toledo!!, BTC's small block size has just become one of it's greatest assets!I've suddenly had an epiphany for the BTC dilemma, and it seams much too easy and simple an idea to have not been thought of yet -- so maybe it has?, and won't work???, but I can't imagine why it wouldn't work, since it's simply expanding what BTC miners are already doing.Here it is: An outside network load estimator or competing estimators will dictate a separate alpha numeric chain assignment for transactions such that A,B,C, etc., then 1A, 1B, 1C, etc., 2A, 2 B, 2C, etc., all the way up to whatever is necessary to scale -- visually it's a fabric, not simply a chain anymore. For example, if Christmas rolls around, and BTC becomes popular, the market transactions per second estimators may see the need, for example, to be up to 101A, 101B, 101C, etc., assigned to transactions going out over the BTC network. You'll be able to see what chain (104Z, or 105A) your transaction is on after it starts to confirm.Here's a little excerpt from : "Decentralized politicsFor all this, bitcoin’s theoretical capacity is terribly limited. At present, each new ‘block’ of transactions that is added to the blockchain, every ten minutes or so, is 1 MB in size. Until this changes, it throttles bitcoin to somewhere in the region of 7 transactions per second (tps). Consider that Visa averages around 2,000 tps, with a peak capacity of perhaps 50,000 tps, and you realize that something has got to give." OK...: Lets say 20,000 divided by 7, that's 2,875.1, now divide the alphabet into that, that's 114.3 -- so.., that's 114 A), 114 B), and so on.... Se how simple it is too scale a blockchain: just turn it into a fabric...! Add exponential computational power...! And, wallah, BTC.., is going to scale just fine! No need for BU, and SegWit is probably in the way.OK.., yes!!, it's going to take quite a bit of computing power, but BTC has that in spades..., right? Just remember; computational power is on an exponential growth pattern! Remember what happened to XMR when its expandable block size was maliciously filled with bloat. Simply increasing the block size or making it expandable is very risky to security, and security is everything to the "blockchain" invention -- without security it's meaningless! This gives infinite scalablity to a small secure block! It just makes sense to make a "fabric" -- a nice tight strong secure fabric!! This will work for any blockchain, even better if the block size is small.

  • Top&mass

    what's up with trezor? I don't know if the bip148 would be converted automaticaly in segwit

  • Juan Silva

    You guys think because you acquired a couple hundred bitcoins you are set for life?I've been mining since 2010. I and many others will be sure to help flood the market to reward your greedy asses.

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