Mining Cooling Equipment Delivery, Unboxing & Details

This is just a video leading up to monday when I'll get the tent to control the heat of my mining rigs.


Donations are much appreciated as they help me allocate more time to helping you!!

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Any questions just post them below I'll try to get to them.
  • myriadcorp

    I got a vornado for $60. Probably could have just got a cheap box fan instead.


    when u gotta hit the 10 min ad so u start talking about random things

  • Shane Singleton

    That tiny impeller to cool the motor reminds me of the early cowl prototype for the Focke Wulf FW-190 fighter from WW2.

  • YerushalayimShelZahv

    I was just thinking about getting these fans and your video showed up in my youtube recommendations, thank God for google selling all my information and running their algorithms to read my mind!

  • Ryan Lee

    How much total wattage is all of your mining equipment using at the wall, and is that stock residential wiring? I am on a similar path myself. Even same thoughts about the greenhouse tent to concentrate cool air, and exhausting hot air out. Let me know about your power usage, I have watched your video explaining power usage per month, but I didn't recall you saying how much you were using from just your mining equipment running. Gotta be what, 7k watts?

  • Randall P

    Great idea. As a grower and a miner, I can say that the fan choice isn't the best. You can get double the pressure, at same cfm, half the size/footprint , less noise and half the wattage for a cheaper price. Don't get me wrong, the vortex has great features, but it sucks at all the more basic things.

  • Srikanth Vadlakonda

    Is it just a fan or cooling air comes out? I have rigs in my bed room which is closed room. Air circulate within the room. If this fan convert hot air cool air to rigs. It will be good choice to me.

  • Mida Multi Tool

    How much money have you made total

  • Fabian Gonzalez

    Holy Loud Monster. :O

  • J D

    Can you please do a video of you installing this

  • SayJee

    Just buy Refrigerator and put your GPUs there. SOLVE!

  • Vertigo101

    I'm in the process of building a small building next to my house for my mining Rigs and I'm thinking about getting a bunch of these for the airflow

  • Byredyre™

    Can you make a tutorial on how to Dualmine with Simplemining?

  • Rod

    Are you in Toronto?

  • ArianPilot

    How can I contact you privately? I just got a 10x 1080ti GPU rig with all parts ordered - I also have zero electricity cost and I have a proposal.. how can we talk if that's possible?

  • Sniper Pro nerf mods

    love the part at 11 minutes when you talk about "this is for you"

  • Bob Sarmiento

    Have you made a video of that thing running?

  • Airbrushkid

    Are you going to make a update video on it finished and running?

  • ReX

    I'm doing pretty much the same thjing trying to follow your vids, but i'm worried about two things.MoistureRainwhat did you do to combat that as the intake fan will surely take in some rain. I;m thinking of placing a downards facving 90* pipe collar so it doesnt suck in rain directly but that still doesnt solve the moisture issue.


    how will it cool the rigs

  • Shawn Martin

    I had a ductless 36,000 btu ac installed in mining room. Also I have 2 12,000 btu and 1 14,000 btu portable ac in with miners. Those vent thru the wall. Well over 100 cards in that room and it stays 78 degrees. Had another 200 amp service put in for that room too.

  • Brock Huffaker

    Love the humor in the environments. Thanks for the update

  • Tarcizo Azevedo

    You sure vinyl duct will handle heat? As you know I'm building similar system that should be running this weekend. I went to Home Depot and they told me vinyl and the insulated one would not handle heated air. Also see the fan manual to see the limit temperature on the incoming air. Mine handle max 80 celsius.

  • Patrick

    "Dad, I'm"

  • CryptoTiger

    Found it


    Interesting, I am looking for something similar in Europe. I found some inline shower fan kit that looks like it could work.

  • cobus pienaar

    Hi AngryChicken - talking all the time to my friends about the advice you give and must say you are awesome - it does feel weird every time I tell people 'angrychicken says', but it gets a laugh too. I am mining on simplemining os and need a bit of help, I want to dual mine - currently just mining eth, is there a command line script someone can give me to dual mine? Currently it looks like this: -wd 1 -r 1 -epool stratum+tcp:// -ewal $walletETH/$rigName -esm 0 -epsw x -allpools 1 -mport -3333 -asm 1 P.S that fan in's like a airplane engine.....

  • Yu Jucute

    do u recommend me to mine with my Asus gtx 1050ti?

  • Charles Barest

    FYI, Looks like the "S-800" designation refers to the model type 'S' and the diameter of 8" - the have an "S-600" that is a 6 inch diameter Fan. ;-)

  • jctai100

    Winters coming soon to us Canadian miners :)

  • Norad

    I envy you AC😶😶😶, I'm new to mining. I have 2 rig of 6x Asus 1070. Do a video on what's good to mine, I only know Ethereum currently mining it so far only 1.5 coins in just 2 1/2 weeks.

  • Branko Temeljkovic

    fucc of miners let us play the games!!!

  • TwoTon Hasher

    Angry Chicken, hey bro. Love your channel man. Great content. I have channel as well and I'm thinking of doing a video or even a series videos of all the different mining rig "cooling" methods that my viewers have sent me. This is more or less the theme of my channel and there's quite a few and there's some really great idea's i'd like to share. Anyway's, I remembered watching this video a while back and I was wondering how you were doing on your cooling solution and also If i could get some pics of your progress so that I could share it. I'd even send ya some props your way. Let me know. twotonhasher@gmail . Thanks Man!

  • K S

    complain to them and you will get a good will gesture :)

  • Daniel Butuc

    Nice fan, you can build a Boeing :))

  • theword2011

    Lol, it's a mini jet engine

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