The BEST X370 Motherboard? Meet the Asrock Taichi Ft. DADMAN

Is the Asrock X370 The Best AM4 X370 Motherboard to get? Well today I do a review of the Taichi to put it through all the usual paces, and not only is it one of the most awesome boards for x370, but it is also a seriously good price/performer as well.

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  • Admin-i strator

    Dada is a bit creepy

  • wizzie

    pretty much the best x370 board.- best vrm on x370- proper heatsinks- no rgb-black and whiteSHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

  • Happy and single

    An issue with the x370 motherboard is that it's very easy to short out the circuits on it. It's very hard to build a PC using this model motherboard because one wrong move than the motherboard brakes and you have to buy a new one. I'm buying my third x370 motherboard now because of some issues with the x370.

  • Ryan Blackwell

    My asrock killer ram slot died after 3 months.

  • Supreme Alpha Male

    Using this mobo with a 1600x

  • Rizky Hadi Felani

    does it have the antennas included?

  • wild wild west

    Hello I cant decide which to get either the ASRock Z370 Taichi, or the ASRock X370 Taichi, could someone please honestly tell me which is better please. Thanks in advance ! :)

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