How to set up ASROCK B250 motherboard to recognize multiple (more than 3) GPUs

"How to set up ASROCK B250 motherboard to recognize multiple (more than 3) GPUs" no description available.
  • Chris Hansen

    mine doesnt have chipset configuration, but when i first started up windows it showed 4 then i ran claymore and got blue screen so i restarted pc and now only 3 is showing up (rx 580) (asrock extreme 3 mobo)

  • Abu Salman

    mine only works 5......... i set Top Of Lower usable Dram to 3.5 GB.............. anyone has been successful with 6 GPU ?????

  • Coinhive. live

    Look at our analyse of the most effective motherboards for crypto mining in 2018 at

  • no name

    How unlock chipset option?

  • Ferdz Sze

    Would you know where i can find the 4g decoding menu on the asrock bios to enabled.

  • Lokesh Julakanti

    What is the max gpus we can use with this motherboard?

  • amin nursalim

    hello, are you mining ethereum using this mainbord??

  • xXx

    I have this board and can not install windows 7 does anyone help me?

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