Asrock AB350 Pro4 AM4 Unboxing and Overview - Cheap B350 motherboard that ticks the right boxes!

This board is as basic as it gets for a B350 board but it has a good looking design and has all the important features! Even more amazing is that it's one of the cheapest! Watch to find out!

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  • Jimmy Alonzo

    I built my PC with this motherboard and t doesnt even turn on? Power supply does work!

  • Ali Sheikh

    Is this motherboard having 4 ram slots?

  • Krakken

    Will this work with my ryzen 3 1200 , 8gb ddr4 2400mhz corsair vengeance lpx, gtx 1050ti. Im dumb af and building my first pc pls help and can i overclock the cpu

  • black reaper

    Njir tiba tiba bahasa inggris yg indo mana

  • Naim Hasan

    I am thinking of getting this for ryzen Apu 2400g. What do you guys think?

  • Blorox Cleach

    Does this work with the amd ryzen 3 1300x

  • Dzoni Games

    Does it have 2 PCI E slots?

  • Ali Nadem

    finally a fix for this board has been released for the crashing and freezing - Try this fix for freezing, potentially solved:

  • Dalibor Živković

    I have this board and it is just great,overclocks really good didnt have any sort of problems with it.Would recommend buying

  • Pagasus

    so it dose not support intel cpu's?

  • Jonathan Fun

    Thanks! I was considering it because I wasn’t sure if it looked good and if it has way at I need, so now I know!

  • ferdinand bonsu

    Help please where do i put gpu

  • David

    I dont know if you realized it after recording but the A12 APUs are old Excavator based ones ported to AM4 :D

  • Tockep 2

    Will this MOBO work with the Ryzen 5 1600x?

  • Link

    Will it work with AMD Ryzen 5 1600X? People have said that this mobo is bad because it freezes too much... I want to make sure that my AB350M Pro 4 doesn’t do the same...

  • Popcorn Chicken

    It's a decent board. I would recommend Ryzen 5 1600 and below. 1700 and up, look for an x370 board. I would also suggest you get the latest 4.70 bios for this board off of Asrock site. It allowed me to OC my 1600 to 3.85ghz @ 1.375V stable. I can also OC my 3000 ram to 3200 now with XMP easy. And I also have zero boot / reboot issues now with the current bios.

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