Bitcoin News Special With Andrew DeSantis

Today we are doing a special interview with Andrew DeSantis to get his take on the upcoming UASF, and his thoughts on the most likely outcome scenarios for Aug 1st.
  • Stewart Mcleod

    Wow! So bitcoin is a hamster wheel for the mind?

  • Matt

    Vortex, just let your guests talk buddy 😉

  • eyesee76

    I think what this guy's trying to say in laymen terms is Bitcoin long term can't be fucked with, Bitcoin is the daddy of Cryptocurrency Industry.

  • Loosecannon Recordings

    Oh wow @ 1:25 it all fell into place ! 🙏🏽😝✌️👍

  • gus gg

    Damn! This Andrew blew my mind (as always). Great show guys, thx a lot :)

  • The Rocket Radio Show

    17:16. Web bot hit " gold rush"

  • Crypto Kevin

    These people limited by Coinbase withdraw limits should checkout I heard of someone transferring $93,000 in BTC and withdrawing it the same day. I think it was a bank wire.

  • lcradan24

    very interesting fellow you have here. perhaps have him back on and maybe flesh out a bit more some of those topics that are closer to the nuts and bolts of bitcoin and not so much into the more abstract concepts of bitcoin. great interview though.

  • sken

    some interesting thoughts here and there mixed with a lot of bullshit. no bitcoin is not an AI. Also"UASF already exists is a state of mind ..." OOOOOOOOOOKAYYYY. The level of delusion of UASFers is hilarious

  • Loosecannon Recordings

    Not sure if the " white hats "reference is a good 1 in respect of upholding truth !! 😬

  • Roy Wessbecher

    "Propend" the genesis block? Hal was frozen? For protocol reasons? Miners will mine in an infinite loop because there's not actually 21 million Bitcoin? (I'm only in the first 6 min...) Entertaining anyway. (Gabriel looks pained right now - me too!)

  • Robert Pares

    wow. thats a level of understanding btc that I will never reach.

  • Roshan Joseph

    What fucking language are these guys talking in? Whew!

  • Grey Fur

    Vortex trying to stay "on point" 😂

  • CryptoCam Channel

    Great vids and info mate!

  • Steven Steiner

    Everyone should leave Coinbase right NOW. is a much better all around site.

  • Loosecannon Recordings

    Yep a fantastical show boys 👏👏👏👏👍✌️

  • vortex

    "What's the purpose of life? Earn #bitcoin. What's the purpose of death? Distribute bitcoin to as many people as possible." - @desantis

  • Technium Unlimited

    Andrew DeSantis should do more videos - brilliant guy

  • J Mo

    What a bunch of cultist crap.

  • Raw Power

    Who is this guy that was frozen?? i don't understand why he's suposed to have the keys?

  • Joshua Taylor

    the Bitcoin philosopher

  • theblazer

    Andrew DeSantis IS SATOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONFIRMED

  • Roy Wessbecher

    At around 24 min did he say Wright's chain will be the one that works? Ok trolls, do your thing!

  • Martin Carter

    I wish I knew what you's were talking about, I just hold 1 bitcoin & like the idea behind it

  • brecuper1

    What an amazingly informative and highly interesting discussion! Feels like a master's class in what's under the hood of Bitcoin. Great explanations of things I kinda knew about, but didn't quite know how to imagine. Still left with more questions...

  • Jason x31x32x33

    Comments here very interesting... and speak to something basic about human nature. Half the people who don't understand DeSantis are impressed by him; the other half are skeptical. Neither attitude, of course, helps anybody understand anything except... DeSantis. It occurs to me that the whole point of the crypto zeitgeist is that you don't have to understand hackers (human nature)... just hacking (programming).

  • digital vagabond

    Andrew is brilliant....but I think he makes a few assumptions incorrectly about the manner in which Bitcoin will expand "spatially."

  • super4papi

    Ok, important finding that even if you could possibly prepend the genesis block (find a block before the genesis block), its irrelevant because the genesis block can never not the first block because it is hardcoded

  • Matt K

    ...I am not sure I will ever be the same after watching that video. Mind Blown...Only understood like half of it.

  • Dave

    For everyone who is confused about what DeSantis is saying, he basically views bitcoin and other blockchains as new universes, and the laws of quantum mechanics apply to all of them. Basically, things get weird and paradoxical and it's not supposed to make sense.

  • Jason S

    Tone Vays put up a developer video recently where the host implied the content may be complex but I found it simple what that were saying. However a lot of what Andrew said confused me. This is one of the most confusing videos on Bitcoin, but hey that's ok.

  • Toufi Saliba

    Andrew @13:30 you seem to confuse Ethereum. Here's the fact: In China and everywhere, ETC is ETC which is the Ethereum original which is the Ethereum Classic. I think what you are referring to, is that people here they confuse by calling ETH the original but that isn't true. ETH is where Vitalik is doesn't mean it is the original, ETH is the fork and ETC is the original.

  • Roy Wessbecher

    I used to "live on a boat". I never "had cattle". But I think perhaps earning Bitcoin is not the purpose of life? OK, I'm wrong - all living organisms: Your lives have no purpose, earn Bitcoin now! I'm done.

  • PLAN - B

    does anyone know Andrew DeSantis twitter handle/

  • Richard Godwin

    Still waiting on Andrew to actually answer Vortex's questions lol

  • enl1l

    I think he just trolled everyone

  • nick avlonitis

    has this guy produced anything that works? his "my code doesn't get better exponentially, [it goes] linearly" statement says nothing about code... it says nothing about anything! it's literally nonsense- rhetoric, buzzwords & doublespeak. anyone else take a look at his deoscore github sources or git clone his project and try building it? it's an implementationless, unstructured, unrunnable mess.

  • yebudds

    Get this Andrew guy on as a regular guest. Guy is a thought leader.

  • Marc Kenigsberg

    Awesome guys! I follow @desantis on Twitter but I've never heard him speak live for so long. Another level. I'd love to sit down for a drink with @vortex and @desantis and take this further down the rabbit hole

  • Matt

    What is the circle DeSantis keeps mentioning? I can't catch the name, but the concept seems to relate to the evolution of human society/intelligence...

  • Dk Filchev

    This guy is my new idol.

  • Dapper

    people can sell all their btc on coinbase and keep it in fiat, pulling out a little each week, so what he said at beginning didn't make sense

  • Vallcon

    I think the trolls rule the world because everything is perception therefore sort of fake. Trolls are intellectually allowed to go places others aren't. We live in the troll age. Anarchy isnt some existential state of being its a political philosophy. The appearance of structure in any system is always a lie. things aren't any crazier we just see it for what it is. The age of the individual and time of no gods is our future.

  • project10bball

    nt many ppl talk like him--very unique, hard to follow however

  • sken

    at around 11:58 you say that bitcoin abc has no segwit. thats a lie. andrew does not even know what bitcoin abc is and neither do you. so you shouldnt even talk about it before due diligence

  • Jonathan Dee

    I made a video analysis of this!! check it out and let me know what you think, thanks for this!!

  • Paul Capestany

    It’s my first time hearing Andrew speak, and this quote came to mind: “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” Interviewers need to do a better job pinning people down to actually explain WTF they’re talking about, otherwise the show might devolve into a technobabble cringefest as has happened with other cryptocurrency shows. Keep your skeptical hats on folks!

  • Rodney Morris

    Someone needs to get this guy and Amir Taaki in the same room. The stream of consciousness vortex will either destroy humanity, or propel us into a new plane of existence.

  • Benedetto Ahagon

    What?  Couldn't understand a word but the thought cloud was something I couldn't tear myself away from.  He's worth listening to more than just twice.  Without a doubt, a genius thinker, philosopher, and programmer.  Thank you,  Mr. De Santis!

  • arkanbarable

    kudos, that was awesome

  • abovemike

    this Andrew DeSantis guy is high as fuck. waste of time listening to his damaged brain spewing vomit all over youtube.

  • Peoples Champ

    "What's the purpose of life? Earn Bitcoin." Lol, a nice little jewel buried in that word salad stream I just listened too.

  • Russell Spears

    I will spend the next 10 years trying to process this one video.

  • Richard Deegan

    Just sell OTC, or move to another your BTC and ETH to another trading account.... simple. Withdrawal limit solved.

  • brecuper1

    This dude just went Satoshi on that! Sounds like ethereum's world computer though. Good tweet storm imagery.

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