BTC Bitcoin Hard Fork SegWit - How to PROFIT from IT!

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Bitcoin August 1st SegWit Hard Fork. User Activated Soft Fork. Here I talk about how to profit from it, and what you must know about it, with a no nonsense approach.
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    I love it when Bank Ads run before Bitcoin videos. A-holes. Anyways, thanks for the video...

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    Put your BTC into an exodus wallet

  • Crypto Noob

    i heard there will be only on bitcoin after the fork... either bitcoin or b2x... thats it? so does that mean if bitcoin is 7k and i have 1 coin the coin turns into 2 x 7k=14k ?

  • christian eifert

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    DogeCoin is much faster and allows for micro transactions. Try sending $5 in Bitcoin.... can't. Not without paying up $2 in fees. And it's slow. DogeCoin is superior.

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    I invested in Procurrency and already see mega returns! It's still worth around $0.30 each but i believe will be worth $10+ in a few months. Hope all cryptocurrencies strive!

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    People are not stupid and will not buy ETH. People will get rid of all of their altcoins and buy bitcoin in order to get free bitcoin cash on parallel blockchain.

  • crypto bullcoin

    1st question: I am on bittrex; how do we know the very exact time of the fork? Would there be a snapshot on coinomi and we wait for them team to email us? or I just look at the block no: 494,784 on blokchain explore and as soon as the block is confirmed i sell? I just worry if I mistakenly pull my bitcoin out before the fork. 2nd question: If after the fork I buy ethereum from ETH/BTC pair and then shall sell it for bitcoin or tether? coz if i sell Eth to bitcoin after 1 hour; the bitcoin's value may be dropping extensively at that time so I may suffer even bigger loss than gains. Please elaborate.I liked your video and subscribed to your channel. Would you please advise on my above questions. thanks a lot?Show less

  • D Pimpin

    @6:50 "I'm going to push my BTC into Ethereum" - Why are you giving out advice - Terrible. So if people listened to you they'd have lost out on free BCC given 1:1 to your BTC value. Free money. BCC is almost at $400 now and rising shortly after the fork...

  • Jamee Culbertson

    do you also like the Exodus desktop wallet?

  • Kalendarz Uk

    Hi guys! I'm new in this game so excuse my question if the answer is obvious. If I buy ETH before 1.08.17 and get out of BTC, then where can I buy BTC on 02.08.17 if all major exchenges are gonna have it frozen?. Currently using bittrex...

  • SWC Products

    Just found this channel and i really like your vids mate. Thanks for making them.

  • F''''off

    What will happen with the hard fork coming up in Nov due to segiwt2x activation? Will there be 3 Bitcoins? and if so will there be more coins handed out?

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    Is this Legit? TRUE?

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    Ripple is the place to be while its cheap. Japanese and Middle Eastern banks will all go live with it by the end of the year with more sure to follow. Tipping point on the horizon.

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  • Antoine

    The pride of cryptocurrency is not transaction speed, it's just about to make it work. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are still considered as "an experience", it might just failed as another digital money(related to btc not eth) in the past.What about gouvernance, is that more or less important than transaction speed ?

  • Yves Sinkgraven

    Damn eth not doing well

  • titleistD2

    Did you not mention the replay attack? That's probably the most important information you could've shared to protect people.

  • larryag99

    Sorry dude, first time I have seen your video... not impressed. Sounds like you parrot what you have seen on other channels. I have not experienced slow transaction speeds.

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    If BTC dumps go second runner - ETH

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    will I end up with 2 coins of I leave the in the bitcoin core wallet? or they will choose for me?

  • WhaleBearMan

    Dude.. your shits takin days because you dont know how to add fee's. Stop the FUD and actually work.

  • loperton lopretonid

    My English is weak and for me hard to understand you. you mean we must cash out all of our btcs from exchanges like and hold them in a offline wallet? that offline wallet cloud be ELECTRUM or MULTIBIT? and you say we must buy eth ?

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