Setting up the miner rig for ethereum instaling 5 gpus

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  • Alyssa Borden

    you put wrong website in other vid

  • Cryptomined

    can you undervolt the GPUs on ethOS? or do you need to undervolt by editing the voltage in the bios? and what do you think of the powercolor red devil 470s and 480s? think they are as good as the nitros? ... I just had a hell of a night trouble shooting my PRO BTC rig after putting in 6 GPUs.. damn thing kept restarting shortly after starting the miner... and the 6th GPU was only getting 4 MH/s with the PCIE on gen2.. dropped it to gen1 and it got full hashes but still kept restarting... turned out to be some faulty wiring or maybe something touching the board that shouldnt have been - more than likely a bad molex to sata connector... works good on gen2 PCIE now,.. all 6. what a night...


    how much is the total cost of it all in 1 rig with 6 gpu's? and how ETH you will mine everyday with that rig?

  • vcvitiko

    What u put underneath the motherboard?

  • keving52002

    So from what i seen you do not have to install a operating system? is this correct?

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  • Lorne Hammond

    why didn't you connect the 2nd molex on the motherboard?I have the chinese version of this board, its exactly the same.

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