Asus ROG Strix X370 AM4 Ryzen ITX Motherboard

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  • Wanz Xlayer

    better be price below 1k ringgit malaysia......or its just bullshit...

  • The AE-35 Unit

    Battery placement seems like an afterthought. Nice little board though. I have the z270 version.

  • Judge Dredd 3D

    Amazing little mobo!

  • Iago Honor

    ridiculous. no hdmi out for apus... no audio optical.;.. no usb c no more ethernet no this no is... OMG this VESION AMD IS SHORT intel version is much more GOOD Fu u asus make this crappy mobo for my favoryte cpus: AMD; fu asus

  • Niq

    How much and where to buy it? >>>OC3D RushKit

  • fu4ien

    I believe that IO space are not wasted, there is some essential micro-chips

  • Chris McPole

    wtf is that battery thing?! And I though it was ugly on z370i, gee...

  • HobbyApple

    can anyone confirm if the cheaper b350i also features the dual m.2 slot? I have seen websites saying that it has and that it hasnt.

  • Firdavs Masaidov

    help i cant find bios for B350-i :/

  • Travis L

    That battery is killing my OCD. Can I just move it?

  • Patricio Villagra

    Can i install a Kraken x62 into this motherboard?

  • Molax Siao

    when is going to be release? i cant find it in amazon. i cancelled my asrock ab350 because i saw this and asrock has a problem with the vrm heatsink.

  • Manuel Mütze

    does it support raid 0 on the 2 m.2?

  • Killacamfoo O.G.

    Better late than never.

  • Thomas Kain

    This is really cool! How did you get this a whole month ago?

  • Techpriest Taro

    rely looking forward fro the review, right now i have a i7-4790K in the bitfenix portal, and i have built a R7-1700 rig for my nephew, that i was very impressed with.

  • Darrick

    I have a build with this in it planned but it won't seem to come into stock anywhere? Is the outlook good? And What's anyone's opinion of this with a 1700 and an 1080ti ROG inside a Phanteks shift?

  • Ruben On Yt

    Ware is the display port or hdmi

  • Daryl Austin

    Where are the X370 Matx boards?

  • Miller

    Too bad you cant get it in the united states.

  • YoSammy

    How'd you get the board so early? It's not even released yet.

  • Sam M. Atherton

    Can this be used with the APUs? I know there are USB to HDMI adapters but won't there be some bandwidth limitations? Will this even boot up without a VGA card? Why did they skip on the VGA connections WHEN THEY CLEARLY HAVE ROOM FOR THEM?

  • aaronCapricorn

    not a threadripper mb?

  • Ζ † N

    unfortunately you'll need to buy an a6-9500 then return it to do the flash to get around spending on x470, because there's no damn removable bios chip to flash with a ch341a

  • Unchainedmaple888

    Where's the chipset? Always wondered about this on the Asus ROG Strix ITX motherboards.

  • Gavin Revitt

    Cheers Tom! Nice glimpse man.. A little concerned about the amount of clearance for air coolers re. the raised audio/M.2 section - perhaps it's more carefully thought about design-wise than it looks "perspectively"? Looking forwards to the review though bud.. when you're ready!

  • spektrumB

    No USB type-C at the rear IOs, I'll pass. It's 2017, what Asus is thinking?

  • Poisonous Heathen

    I'll have one thank you! TTL Thanks for the heads up I had almost went for the Asrock X370 itx. But I want this one! for sure

  • Lopata

    Asus are slowpokes :D FINALLY an ITX mobo for Ryzen from Asus. Now plz make quality mATX board (Crosshair 6 Gene?). I am a bit tired of watching at A320 and B350 cheap crap.Things that sucks about this board:1. Crappy I/O2. Crappy VRM radiator3. Useless X370 chipset (It's not a freaking Intel processor)4. Freaking RGB plugs instead of more FAN plugs. 5. ATX board price because of #3 and Republic Of GaymersSo now you need to choose between this, or not having it at all. And if you bought it - deal with all shit that comes with it. Where is Impact level of boards? WTF is ITX boards for Z270 and Z370 and now for Ryzen? Look over performance/quality. Should be backwards...

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