CarnotJet System in Action

Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) produces the highest performance, lowest cost-per-Watt cooling solution available today for OEM servers. Here's an up-close look at dielectric fluid submersion.
  • Dan Ader

    What kind of oil do you use? I'm guessing it's way cheaper than Fluorinert™

  • efxqxtyjzbl

    In big datacenters crashed hardware doesn't always get replaced. They just turn off the defective server and continue normally with the remaining ones. Then after X years the entire server farm is replaced in one go. Look up "server containers" if you want to find out more.

  • KoekwausRob

    Awesome! This also solves the extreme amounts of noise ^^

  • Stephen Engel

    I love this! How well has it progressed in 1 year? Any details ever come out on the oil type, and is this something we can try out at home? Does Intel heat the bathroom shower floors with the plumbing from this baby?

  • denvera1g1

    define alive. define free will. and by that extent one can argue that humans have the same subset parameters of free will as computers that we build

  • Patrick Vu

    Dude, never go full retard, you just went full retard...

  • madman2u

    This seem really cool.

  • BuriedONE Cryptomining

    Could you sponsor me a visit? Its about GPU Cryptomining

  • TheAzidahaka

    except that machines are not alive.

  • Viktor Vörös

    Have you ever heard the word: gloves? :)

  • DiscoOverdose

    How does it work to replace hardware that crash in one of these? Somebody has to stick their hands into the oil? Even if they wash their hands first that would mean that alien particles will get stuck in the oil, potentially causing harm.

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