Ethereum Stratum Proxy for Dwarfpool

How to setup the Stratum Proxy for use with Dwarfpool.

Eth-Proxy Download Link

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  • MrMarowz

    can you check the hashrate than on the website where you setup main pool?

  • Jamzoom Lau

    excuse me, Eth Miner Download Link the profile is not you show us in video ,Can you send me the correct one?thank you

  • Harie Amjari

    I have a problem saying "JSON-RPC problem"Anyone can fix it?

  • Émile Peloquin

    When I do launch my ethereum miner the command window appear and tells me to pres a key to start. Then the window closes and I dont see my progress. Are you using claymore?

  • Robert Harris

    Thank you for quality info! Is this relevant for claymore v9.6 with dwarfpool? Try as I might, I could not figure out the script in the miner batch file..

  • Adam Tebe

    hi lee, nice video,, i want to ask, i have mining at nicehash with pool, i want to payout my earning, but i need ip address to change my payout threshold, can you help me how to withdraw my earning from, where i can get ip address to change my payout threshold..??? i mining with nicehash because i didn't have mining rigs and i just have laptop with AMD R7 2GB,, i hope you can help me..!!! thx

  • Elio Fernandes

    hi there, thanks for the video.. i did exactly you did... but when i execute the bat it just pauses :(

  • wily rocke

    can you use this eth proxy in claymore miner? and any sample code?

  • Jacob Gonzalez

    This video made everything so understandable. Thank you so much

  • Yann Masoch

    Thanks for this video, that helped me a lot to setup the proxy. By the way, at the time I am writing this, the US2 server does not respond/work so I switched on the EU one

  • David Stanton

    You are the best that I have found.  You take us from start to finish in a very exact way.  Keep up the good work.

  • Fat1h Arslan

    Thanks for the video.İt is a great video and I used it for I was looking for a nice tutorial and you helped me a lot.Thanks.

  • Alonzo Turner

    I cant edit the file

  • Anovski Aleksej

    does it work with claymore?

  • Daniel Niclas

    Excellent overview. Up and running. Thank you!

  • Harry Brown

    where did you get the host ip address is that your own one what you find on google my ip address ?

  • Learn to Earn

    hi. I am mining with claymore reported 71.9mhs average 61-62mhs for 5 days now. will this eth-proxy will help to improve the results??? thanks

  • wily rocke

    which server is good for me? us is 250 ping, EU is 380 ping, Asia is 350 ping

  • Jon Sauve Theberge

    Do you found this ETH Miner + Proxy miner faster than Claymore ?


    Hi, Thanks for the video, I've seen the tweet from (On 1st of May we will close our getwork ports on ethermine and ethpool. Please switch to a stratum enabled miner (e.g. Claymore or Genoil)!), right now I'm mining in this pool and I have no idea what we have to change, could you help me?Thank you.

  • Angel Bob

    You, sir, are a gem! I think I think I finally have a solid grasp on this, thanks to you.

  • d5j4vu

    dag generation failure. Reason: invalid argument. Anybody goes through this? thanks

  • bugmarkus

    will it work with claymore ??

  • Dimple Jain

    how to mine in uabantu with proxy

  • TecTavio

    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.According to tests carried out today on my SAPPHIRE RX580 NITRO 8G, this proxy miner showed a poor performance compared to my current miner Claymore's GPU Miner v10.3! 22Mh / s versus 19Mh / s via proxy!Soon I will post videos comparative among some miners for their conclusions! Each hardware can behave differently, several experiments can be performed until the system is well tuned! And this can take days !!! The tip is!Be free and rebellious ...Use Linux and Bitcoin ...And let the hair grow !!! ;PSuccess to all!

  • cobus pienaar

    Does this method still work? I tried it and got the proxy to work but when I start the miner is says no devices to mine with...I have 6 RX580's and all my other mining programs pick them up, when I do check devices it also picks them up....don't know what's up?

  • walter neto

    2017-09-15 12:32:55,336 WARNING proxy # Ethereum Stratum proxy version: 0.0.52017-09-15 12:32:55,415 WARNING proxy # Trying to connect to Stratum pool at 12:32:55,417 WARNING proxy # Trying to connect to failover Stratum pool-1 at 12:32:55,418 WARNING proxy # Trying to connect to failover Stratum pool-2 at 12:32:55,420 WARNING proxy # Trying to connect to failover Stratum pool-3 at 12:32:56,329 INFO stats # 1 peers connected, state changed 1 times2017-09-15 12:32:56,331 INFO proxy # Connected to Stratum pool at 12:32:56,493 INFO stats # 2 peers connected, state changed 1 times2017-09-15 12:32:56,494 INFO proxy # Connected to Stratum pool at 12:32:58,901 INFO stats # 3 peers connected, state changed 1 times2017-09-15 12:32:58,904 INFO proxy # Connected to Stratum pool at 12:32:59,131 INFO proxy # NEW_JOB MAIN_POOL2017-09-15 12:32:59,266 INFO stats # 4 peers connected, state changed 1 times2017-09-15 12:32:59,267 INFO proxy # Connected to Stratum pool at 12:33:17,661 INFO proxy # NEW_JOB MAIN_POOL2017-09-15 12:33:46,233 INFO proxy # NEW_JOB MAIN_POOL2017-09-15 12:33:55,134 INFO proxy # NEW_JOB MAIN_POOL.....................Hi, good afternoon. Did it work out or not? problem? what is that?

  • Marlon Lee

    Do these setup instructions work for Claymore? I am using Claymore, on account it's more renown with AMD cards.

  • Max T

    I got a problem... there is the text INFO Proxy # NEW_JOB MAIN_POOL

  • Rogerio Starck

    Hi IMineBlocks, I have a few cards, I have some doubts about Dash, and I found a pool that in the beginning is giving me $, I would like to know if I can improve the performance with my RX470 and if you know the pool that The yes that you contact me you talk about her, and who knows we can do better for both since the Dash currency is in the second most well-quoted currency. My skype is hobbyserv - my name is Rogerio, waiting.

  • Canal do DIDI

    Thanks Lee, this really help me to setup my script at DwarfPool !

  • Dan Ross

    I can start Eth-Proxy by double clicking, but when I have it set to auto start at boot up, using task scheduler, it opens and then closes rapidly. Do you have any idea how to fix this?

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