Quick & Easy Ethereum Mining Rig Build with ethOS

Watch the video to learn how to quickly and easily create an Ethereum Mining Rig thanks to ethOS and gpuShack. If you have all the computer components in place, you could have a full rig running in less than an hour!

With 6 RX480s on custom bios' we will be able to achieve a whopping 188 MH/s!

Thanks to the simplicity and ease of use of ethOS, you can just as easily mine Monero and ZCash as well.

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gpuShack was kind enough to provide us with an Open Air Frame and ethOS. Both of these products and their other products are designed to deliver you with all the tools you need to get going with Ethereum mining quickly.

As we show you in the above video and the review, Ethereum mining is incredibly simple. All you need is a basic computer and some GPUs. Of course, your motherboard will need to be able to support multiple GPUs. 6 GPU rigs tend to be the most highly recommended, but there exists a few 7 and even 8 GPU platforms as well.

The only real downside of ethOS is that remote management is only through SSH, which can be difficult if you’re not used to this. On the whole, however, if you’re serious about getting into Ethereum Mining (or Monero, or ZCash), then ethOS should definitely be on your shopping list.

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  • Roy Arlandi

    Hi there! love your videos! I'm having some issues with one of my ethOS rigs. Here's the thing. It's a new rig of 6 GPUs XFX rx580 on a motherboard Esonic H81 BTC KING. The thing is ethOS won't apply my OC changes with the local.conf file (although it saves the info). GPUs are bios modded (some are hynix, some are samsung) and can't get them to hash more than 21 mh/s, all of them. I have another rig mining with the same GPUs at 29.5 mh/s. Could you help me out? Thxs

  • Christian Orpinell

    What a fucking waste of time watching this. We watch a video like to learn how do it. Not to reconfirm the previous knowledge you already have and assume we also have. Types a couple of things and yeah... there you have it! That's how you set it up.

  • Naquib mirza

    Bro i need your help i have mix gpu like 1060, 580 8gb, and 580 4gb in same rig what i need to type for a driver in this ? Please help me.

  • Michael Stombock

    Hey, great video. I was curious if you could give me the measurements/dimensions of that open air frame? I'd like to build one myself, and it seems GPUshack doesn't even have that thing listed on their site anymore! Thanks in advance.

  • Venenum Venix

    ¸ALSO, NOTHING asks me for my login info !!! ' wtheck

  • Satoshi Alpha

    Excelente video muy nítido contenido y nos quedamos pendiente a su canal éxito y gracias

  • kebichen

    hey i have made my own rig with 75 MHs and its already mining for almost 3 days and i should have a payout already im still waiting. i did set up my adress already it should work right way. my question is can i see somewhere how much it did mine or whats the stats ? i couldnt figure it out yet.

  • Wilfried Benjamins

    Can you also do BIOS update in Ethos ? see many tutorials but all in windows..

  • matias iriarte

    Tranks a lot for your tutorial, can I ask How mine sia coin and ETH with ethos?

  • jimbar99

    Unfortunately I bought a Gigabyte Z170X-UD3 motherboard combo from gpushack and after two weeks of mining, the motherboard failed. Gpushack refused to honor the 3-year warranty. I ended up buying a replacement board on Amazon, swapping the CPU and memory from the bad one, and it has been working non-stop without a hitch. Buyer beware.

  • oberto rivas

    HI I am new in this, I need your help. I need step by step How I can config my ethos for firts time. Please Can you send me by it write the steps. I will appreciate it a lot. Thanks

  • Eddie Nunez

    After installing EthOS does it download the necessary gpu drivers automatically or?

  • Jonathan Middleton

    Does anyone know if this works with onboard graphics? Perhaps a strange thing to ask but I got these new mining cards with no video outputs.

  • Manh Pham Nhu

    I mining RX570, why only 5MHz/1GPU? Pls help me fix.

  • Pädohammad

    What is up with Windows UI?

  • Villager

    How you got ethosestro id?


    Hello. how can i find the WATT of the AMD GPU? when i connect my NVIDIA GPU i can see the watt usage in my panel. now i am using AMD rx 580 and now i dont see how much WATT my GPU is using. can you tell me is there any way i can find out how can i find the value so i can calculate that i am making money or loosing money ... thanks

  • Relocation Express

    Could you please help me out? I am changing the local config file but as soon as it starts mining, or in a little bit even it changes back to what it originally was. Ethos does not keep my wallet...

  • A. JAY

    Great Vid, can ethos OS bee used with Octominer?

  • Naresh Nani

    New just arrived BTC mining free GH/S https://coinmix.biz/?ref=AAYYfT

  • LifeWithYash

    how to setup perticular Amd Driver on Ethos please tell me as I want to use crimson 16.9.1

  • xeriusyarishniku

    Do you have instagram?

  • Robert David Ricardo Aznar Rodriguez

    I need to install windows 10 first ?

  • shallaw sargalo

    Great video.I have followed your tutorial only to create my own Rig. The only difference is I am flashing a USB stick for the EthOS but it's not able to boot, even without any GPU's.The error message says:Gave waiting on root device. common problems:Thanks,S

  • Faisal Khan

    i am using asus b250 19 slots. i was able to run only 9, support told me to disable on board graphics. any help ?

  • Mateusz Faber

    hello i have motherboard BIOSTAR TB250 BTC PRO and 32 x MSI GeForce 1070. In Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS i can use max 8 GPU's. Do you think that in ethOS handle 32 GPU's in 1 motherboard ??

  • Venenum Venix


  • Om Patel

    How did you get the other card running

  • Pablo Garcia

    I am sorry but your explanation is not for newbies. Yo assume a lot of knowledge

  • John Cena

    how to add email to the gpu mining

  • Diy in the Ghetto

    Hello can you run the Ethos on a Flash drive? I have usb3 flash drives they are real fast and can run windows 10 on them.

  • Drthrax74

    http://5490bb.ethosdistro.com link is work

  • Gabriel Giampietri

    Where is config the worker? What is comando for running?

  • d ch

    Why the hell do you have a noctua fan on a miner's cpu?

  • John Wayne

    Thanks for posting your experience. Guys just set your speed to 1.25. watching this set up is like watching paint dry

  • Ian Bower

    has anyone come across a "json rpc problem" log? i've been getting them and my rig won't connect...I'm clueless on what to do.

  • Zuzana Rohacova


  • c4shd34d30

    thoose risers are shit its going to burn down at one point the cables cant handle the wattage the cards needs

  • The Origami Guru

    I agree with you, he took no time to explain anything he was doing, I imagine if you are more advanced or have greater knowledge of this subject already then this is definitely a good video for you.

  • HiveTyrant36

    Why not just put all this in a $30 case?

  • hari prasad

    will ethos support 6 number of 1050ti , one 1060 and 3 number of RX580 all together in one rig.. i am using asrock H110 Pro BTC motherboard..

  • Horst Nobody

    Ethos distr https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-xEXfNj3PH6R1pGd2dvNFBwTmM/view?usp=sharing

  • DeceptiveAssassin

    How much it cost to buy all of the things you need?

  • PENT

    Worst shit I have ever seen

  • Venenum Venix

    YAY, IT WORKS, !"#$%& 3 MH/s AND NOT CONNECTED TO MY WALLET, so who am I mining for ???

  • Maykl Vesten

    has anyone encountered the error invalid miner specified: set valid miner

  • Jake Lazore

    That is one large cpu fan.

  • Hakan Eroğlu

    i am tryed to ethos 1.2.9 . Maybe get to me better stability. AND i give money! this operating system is fucking trouble. 32MH/s sapphire nitro+ card go down 29MH/s and go down to zero after 1 hour. Not stable system. I can not use overclocking like simplemining or windows 10. ethos supports like a child. Supports are not know solutions. My last word is go to hell ethos 1.2.9!

  • Dharmesh Sony

    Hello sir can you tell me how to change my worker's name in ethos

  • Vedat Ertürk

    hi friend please ethos 1.1.8.iso dowland link

  • Simple Binary

    I'm getting a black screen, any idea?


    Hello. how can i find the WATT of the AMD GPU? when i connect my NVIDIA GPU i can see the watt usage in my panel. now i am using AMD rx 580 and now i dont see how much WATT my GPU is using. can you tell me is there any way i can find out how can i find the value so i can calculate that i am making money or loosing money ... thanks

  • metalg33ksolid

    Can you please tell me how you made the ssh from your pc to your rig?

  • Venenum Venix

    DOES NOT auto restart !!!

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