ASRock AB350 B350 Pro4 AM4 Motherboard- Quick Overview and Unboxing

A quick overview and blind unboxing of the ASRock AB350 Pro4 AM4 Motherboard for the new Ryzen platform from AMD.

    i just got this board for my r5 1600 build for 74 on newegg with 20 rebate score!! lol


    Hi, does it have RGB Header?

  • Joffer Mirabel

    Hi is it possible to put 4x4gb 2666hz in that board? Thanks alot

  • Computer Geek

    The Micro ATX is $59.99 on NewEgg!

  • Kei Angelus

    Is this a simple reskin of the AB350 Fatal1ty? Or are they somehow different enough to warrant compatibility issues if you try to flash one board with another's?

  • ferdinand bonsu

    Please help have this mobo but dont know where to put gpu on the motherboard

  • Smol boye

  • Ville

    It supports CrossfireX.

  • Smol boye

    6 + 3 is actually 3 + 3.

  • DanTheMemeMan

    it says it can run ram at 3200mhz, but ive yet to seen anyone do it. Have you managed to do it?

  • vexedne

    NEVER go with an ASRock product! I bought the AB350M Pro4 thinking it had great specs and I'd try something other than ASUS for a change. Huge mistake! After days of struggling to find the issue for random freezes, reboots and other issues I with with the ASUS TUF Gaming and all my worries were gone. I found via forums and reviews a lot of people were having this issue and going mad trying to solve it with the assumption it couldn't be a motherboard flaw. The only thing worse than the board is the customer support, they offered an exchange and still haven't sent me my rebate from when I bought it in November (waited three months to actually do my build). Avoid ASRock at all costs, there's a reason this board is so cheap!

  • Danther

    this or the b350m gaming pro ?

  • DanTheMemeMan

    Alot of negative comments but i thought it was a good video, wasnt annoying guy talking loudly with shitty soundtrack in the back. nOice

  • Smol boye

    This board supports Crossfire according to the manufacturer

  • timrob62

    I bought this board and am baffled by the non-standard layout of the screw holes. All the ATX boards I've mounted have 9 screw holes in a regular 3 by 3 pattern. The ASRock B350 Pro4 board appears to have 7 screw holes—4 by 3 (back to front). I'm waiting for tech support to get back to me and explain this, but can anybody enlighten me on mounting this board? I'm afraid of shorting it out (which I have done in the past).

  • Freshoff___ TheStreets

    Is this motherboard same as the ASRock AB350M-HDV Socket AM4/AMD B350/DDR4/SATA3&USB3.0/M.2/A&GbE/MicroATX Motherboard

  • Mozie Malone

    sorry, but painful to listen with all the Ummmm's.


    Hallo I want to use this motherboard with ryzen3, 1300x.Do you know if I have a win 7 installation problem?

  • Habituated Abnormality

    does this support ddr4 3000 2x8 gb ram?

  • Vincent Catalan

    does the motherboard support wifi?

  • PixelProjectz

    can this support sli configuration?

  • clsman89

    Which motherboards have good audio?

  • The ShadoExperamint

    Does it have an 8pin connector for a graphics card?

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