Asus Prime B350 Plus Motherboard Review - It's Only Okay

Today I check out the Asus B350 Prime Plus and was disappointed.
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  • MOH-Hansy

    Who use on board audio anyways? (I know most people do, but if you care about sound quality you would go for a proper dedicated sound card). Do people really care that much about surround sound on their PC? Games are utilized for STEREO anyways. When it comes to overclocking i didn't experience any issues (granted that i installed the newest BIOS update, released 20/10, before i tried). I'm assuming that the newest BIOS update fixed the issues. I'm at 4Ghz and 2933Mhz RAM atm and it seems to run perfectly fine.

  • zuriel keta

    Thanks for this video! I would like to ask does strix b350f have the 5x protection i.e. the full ESD protection like the prime b350 has? I was thinking of buying strix because of the Intel Lan chipset.

  • Vendrick Yezdan

    Wow I didnt know bios was such a great issue.Just make your settings and stick with windows guys :P

  • Dreamz0103

    Always a good idea to read the manual before reviewing a board. It supports 7.1 sound.

  • RkS A

    So glad I found your channel...I hope u will review the b450 mobos.....thnxxxx

  • Mark Davenport Jr

    would not recommend this board! Having some insane issue's with this board like a bad pcie gen3 slot etc. At least I can get me a x470 board next month. :)

  • tuxnor

    if you need 4 fan connectors onboard buy a quad copter drone :) Nice reviewed .. i can run 2 fans extra from my ROG-STRIX-RX580-T8G fan connectors, but not needed. so for me i don`t see the need for more fan connectors unless i am going for a hover build..Why did you use such a old bios version

  • aleon1018

    Bad reviews on other boards somewhat convinced me to buy the X370-A But it's nearly identical to this board which looks more orange striped than red. Without any reviews on the other board, I end up looking at these.

  • Raizer

    Is it competible with the gtx 950 ?

  • musicallica7

    Hello please tell me if i can run CRUCIAL DESKTOP RAM BALLISTIX ELITE – 4GB (4GBx1) DDR4 2666MHZ Product Code: BLE4G4D26AFEAon this mobo out of the box as I dont have any way to upgrade mobo right away

  • Joshua Deveyra

    I have this motherboard right im not sure if this will handle Titan Xp, i have s ryzen 7 1700

  • Antti Tolamo

    Its good what it is for and what it costs. Its not real option for serious overlockers but you can overlock to about the safe limit your Ryzen CPU can achieve with quite glitch.I think you get this board for budget and to make sure everything works without a glitch. So its actually propably good for people who are for productivity and cost effiency instead of performance.I've not had any problems with BIOS but I did buy this like 6 months after the video was made.

  • BadCrashers

    heloo mate can u change the red light on it?

  • MT441PL

    Way too Many problrms with this mobo AVOID!. I Hate Asus for my life, literally. Both this and the Crosshair vi hero WiFi gives me freezing with my current 1700x at any setting on any stress test (prime95 , Realbench, sometimes Cinebench R15) downgraded ram won't help either, with Wraith Max properly latched and a low profile Noctua l9 coolers. ASUS lost it at AM3 non-+ ROG.

  • fgamarni

    WIth this card I cant get on board gpu working. Anyone has an idea how to turn on board GPU in bios ?

  • 7O7-ZOZ

    I got some problems with RAM only 2666 MHz out of the box, but after updates i got 2800 MHz out of it. The DDR 4 is G Skill F4-3200C16-16GTZ. No CPU overclocking. Power Management set at Recommended settings under Windows 7 Pro in order to save power while idle.

  • musicallica7

    HI , I have new built pc with Asus Prime B350 Plus and ryzen 1200.. I have isntalled Windows 10 64 bit but i am not getting audio.theres a red x on audio..I have installed all the drivers.When I troubleshoot i get 3 choices "Digital Audio HDMI - High definition audio device - the conenctor for this devices is located in hdmi connector" when clicked next i get message "The audio peripheral doesnt appear to be plugged in. Check the connection."Again hitting next gives message "Problem found. The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged - Not Fixed"Its freshly installed Windows 10 64 bit with gtx1060 gpu.can u tell if theres any fix or is this a knows issue for mobo ..if it is then is it only with win 10 or all the OS

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