How to install PCI-E 3.0 GPU on old motherboard with PCI-E 1.1 SLOT

"How to install PCI-E 3.0 GPU on old motherboard with PCI-E 1.1 SLOT" no description available.
  • Yoga Aryasa

    Hi, I tried to install a gtx 1050 2gb, but its not detected on my PC. The BIOS mode is Legacy. Do you have any idea to solving my problem? My CPUs specs :Proc -> Intel core i5 2400Mobo -> HP Pro 3340 MT (OEM Built)RAM -> 16gbPSU -> 300WThanks :D

  • Renato Locop

    Works this solution for Asrock A780gm le

  • Skips

    that's a good video card, but what about the performance on pci-e 1.1, its good or..., I'm completely ignorant about that, thanks for the video

  • Dylan Thompson

    Thank You!! I have been trying to get my Crosshair VI Formula working with a newer gpu for ages. I thought I had tried everything until I came across your video. I bumped my pcie frequency to 105Mhz and it fixed all my problems. Thanks so much for making this video!

  • Hongsay Ear

    So how about motherboard pci express v3 and GPU PCI express v2.

  • Prasanta Sarma

    Will it work on intel 82865g motherboard, it has pci1.1? I am not planning to use gfx crd, but to test whether the card is ok or not using that system?

  • Renato Locop

    My asrock motherboard how to install 3.0 to My pcie 2.0 slot. My bios is updated P 1.20 to P 1.50 my current video card is Nvidia geforce gt 710 PCIE 2.0 to upgrade nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti PCIE 3.0

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