AMD A320 or B350 For Raven Ridge? Buying The Right Motherboard

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AMD A320 or B350 For Raven Ridge? Buying The Right Motherboard

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  • Vozdovacki Gamer

    In my country cheapest A320 Mobo is Asus A320M-K is 42EUR but Cheapest B350 Mobo Asus B350M-K starts at 90EUR

  • Danielius Vilnius

    I have AMD A320 and i cant get my microphone working, after whole week trying to fix this problem im starting to think, this is motherboard failure, because i connecting hdmi cable to motherboard screen doesnt work, but connecting to graphics card it works.

  • Hangar 51

    thanks for the video's has helped me pick the right parts to build a 2400g based system for my little brother

  • King_Apple_Gaming

    So I don’t need to do that bios update because I reaaaaally don’t want to do that

  • Nikola Majkić

    Dont buy a320 they have some mainfacture problem... freind bought a week ago it then he run into problems... he will got money back and switched to r3 1200 with rx 550

  • wolvie45

    I don't think my local store sells A320. Only B350, and X370 for Ryzen 3-7 series.

  • nerd 21

    Good news! Now you don't need to update the bios for your B350 motherboard for the Ryzen Apu's

  • J A

    You made it clear for me 👍

  • MrSammy

    meh, for mom and the inlaws an A320 and a 4gb 2133 stick is more than enuf =D

  • Blade

    So if I buy either two of the boards I wont have to go through the BIOS update problem everyone is talking about?

  • TM CHL

    buy only from a seller confirms that BIOS has been updated! My Gigabyte from Amazon Ryzen 2000 Ready according to the Gigabyte Official website but there are some small letters saying reqires BIOS update! Received the motherboard with old BIOS ! Such a shame...

  • Giovanni Lucaroni

    recommended mini-itx motherboard with a 2400g? budget € 85

  • KingOfGorillas

    I want to point out that you can get 3200 memory working on a320, but it's a very time consuming process of finding the correct timings and a high enough voltage. It depends somewhat on the exact kit you have, but it boils down to the board not using compatible timings that will be different from the xmp rated timings. There's a good 20 settings to choose from so it's not worth it.

  • Redhawk Gaming

    I had problems getting my ram to its rated speed of 3000 when i updated the bios is finally worked

  • Spider7782

    Your an aussie youtube channel yet you give us american prices and nothing for the aussies...

  • Lucivar Sadiablo

    Trying to sneak that Intel MOBO in there i see...

  • Lana Kaine

    Before seeing this video i got a320, After updating the Bios on the A320 I was able to overclock my Ryzen 5 APU. I think you should recheck this, Im not a pro. But currently my Zen is at 4.0ghz, but thats also not taking advantage of the Vega graphics So maybe this is a totally diff video you've covered.

  • Mike

    What about the oc temps on the 2200g @3.90Ghz and vega 8 1.65Ghz as shown in the video? awesome video btw

  • VNM

    My new rig is gonna be - ryzen 5 2400g apu + gigabyte ab350m gaming 3 motherboard + corsair value select 2×4 = 8gb ddr4 2400mhz C16 1.2V RAM + Corsair vs450 psu. Will there be any compatibility issue? Help will be appreciated.

  • Taiwo Olaleye

    can you use any b350 boards like MSI B350M Gaming PRO AM4 AMD B350 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

  • Z Gong

    Don't you have to update the bios on all of these mobos to run 2400g and 2200g? Or have they started sending out new enough bios boards?

  • Random Player

    In my country the b350 cost 50 usd more than the a320

  • HSGamRZ

    Can you still use MSI afterburner on the Vega 8 (Ryzen 3 2200g) with a A320 Motherboard?

  • Lukiel666

    Buying the right motherboard? Easy. Wait an extra month for the release of the next gen B450 motherboard.

  • S_Crazy ItaTM


  • aftab malvi

    I've heard Asrock Ab350 have some cpu voltage issues?

  • LetsComputeTech

    Will MSI B350M PRO-VDH work without bios flashing?

  • thun shao

    Hi anyone, can i know why the my ryzen 3 apu the graphic clock running at only 400mhz instead of 1100mhz?

  • OldGamerGene

    Great Video - for most an A320 never makes sense. But if you are a small company and need to supply remote employees with PCs for data entry (think healthcare), I can see saving every penny. DIY cheapos still beat buy it from the big guys. And they beat power consumption if your running a "sweat shop" in an office :) Otherwise, "nada".I am thinking of a Ryzen APU for 1080p TV streaming. I test of that would be grand!

  • Franco Olmedo

    Hi guys. I need to know what do you think, my case is special. I'm trying to build a pc mostly for gaming and general uses. I sold every thing that i had (every console, every game and some things that I had in my bedroom). With the money I bought an used hd 7950, a 550w certified power supply, a 1tb hard drive disk and one case from sentey. The thing is, with the money that I have now, I can only buy the ram. Im asking this because Im 16 years old and my father is helping me by buying the motherboard and the processor but he can only buy a ryzen 5 1400 with a b350 motherboard or a ryzen 5 1500x with a a320 motherboard. They are around the same price (im from argentina and the pricing is really bad). What i should do? I saw that the ryzen 5 1500x wins against the 1400 at 4ghz in gaming (just for the 16mb of cache). I dont think that i could save more money in a long time, the situation here its not good. (Sorry, english is not my main language).

  • Martin Sanschagrin

    50% more perf out of the 2200G with a B350 mobo and 3200 CL14 ram. Impressive!!

  • Dennis Dowd

    Knowledge is power, so thank!🍑🍒🍓🍅

  • Hail Storm

    Did you have any trouble with bios updates with the 2200g? I’ve heard they require a old working cpu in order to update before using. Is that a common thing for b350?

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